Bigg Boss 13: Asim Riaz’s Father Slams Vindu Dara Singh For Using ‘Inappropriate Words’ Against His Son

vindu dara singh

Bigg Boss 13 is now reaching to its heights in terms of the vulgar and inappropriate conversation between the members.

But if you look at this in another way, such things happening into the Bigg Boss house is creating more controversies than ever.

And this is one of the main reasons why the makers even decided to extend the show by looking at its popularity.

Discussing yet another such event that happened right on the Bigg Boss 13 platform, Vindu Dara Singh, who won Bigg Boss 3 was seen throwing some inappropriate language to Asim Riaz (one of the Bigg Boss 13 contestants).

Well, the words that Vindu used for Asim Riaz are not appropriate in any way. Look at what he said to Riaz, “Jab tu ladta hai, toh humne tera naam rakha hai Chuslet, because bahut zyada chewing gum ke jaise khichta hai. Wo Himalaya jaise aadmi hai usse ladna theek nahi hai”.


Vindu uses these words while supporting other team mates Sidharth Shukla and Sidharth Chhabra.

After using some wrong and derogatory language, Vindu recently had to face some criticism from the father of Asim Riaz.

Riaz Ahmed Choudhary who is Asim’s father instantly took to his Twitter account and slammed Vindu Dara Singh while writing, “Guests used to prey for inmates but @RealVinduSingh as guest praised Paras for doublecross ,saluted Sid for his poking ,demoralise Rashmi for her clarity ,used inappropriate words to Asim but deleted later by @ColorsTV speaks immaturity &highheadedness. #MorePowerToYouAsim”

If you look at the words what Vindu had said earlier while narrating his thoughts, he looked clear in his thoughts. Vindu actually tweeted to say that he like to party with none other than Sidharth in Mumbai once he wins Bigg Boss 13.


Replying to Vindu via his tweet, Bigg Boss 12 finalist Karanvir Bohra also expressed his thoughts and said he should not be so confident about Sidharth winning the show as it is full of controversy and anything can happen at any time. In fact, you can suddenly find a twist in the game plan by the channel.

Soon after that, Umar (Asim Riaz’s brother) also joined the conversation where he said that nobody knows who is going to be the winner.

This is what he said, “You never know what is going to happen in the show as it is quite unpredictable but there are some who are already aware what’s going to happen next.”