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Best Kannada Movies 2018- The year 2018 is about to say good-by to all of us. But it is the perfect time to look into the flashback and find the latest Bollywood news about how most Bollywood films performed in the year 2018 so far. 

When we talk about the entertainment industry, it not only includes Bollywood but other regional film industry as well.

In this post, we would like to update you with some of the best Kannada movies in 2018 that managed to make a mark at the box office.

Before we update you precisely about some of the best Kannada movies, let’s take a look how the regional film industry has evolved in the recent time.

Well, we always discuss about Bollywood movies in detail. But in the recent past, we all witnessed how these regional films have been able to outrank many Bollywood movies with a great margin at the box office. 

This is the time when the entire entertainment industry is revamping with the inclusion of more talent and interesting scripts being involved. Gone are the days when people relied and preferred to watch Bollywood films.

By looking at the recent success of some of the great films in the recent past, it clearly looks that the audience today has changed.

They will give preference to only those movies that bring quality. Otherwise, they will simply reject any film irrespective of any number of big names involved.

Here, we would be discussing about the evolution of best Kannada movies that outranked many films in the recent past.

Now, considering some of the best Kannada movies performed in the year 2018, there are so many in our list.

In case, you want to watch Kannada movies online, you can readily do so by visiting the relevant sites.

They are some of the best Kannada movies that you would also like to watch many times not just because of their story-line but also because of many other reasons like awesome picturization, music, Choreography, etc.

In short, we can say that Kannada movies are no way ahead of the mainstream Bollywood movies as they have come up to the surface to give a head on collision to Bollywood movies.

For example, you might have witnessed the performance of KGF that was released on December 21, 2018. This movie was released along with Shahrukh Khan movie Zero.

Ever since both these movies were released, nobody would have expected that KGF is going to outrank the much hyped movie of Shahrukh Khan without doing much effort.


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While talking about the evolution of the regional film industry going with such a profound pace, we can’t forget mentioning about the performance of Baahubali 2 that almost smashed the box office by minting 1,796 crores. 

It not only attained a great success at the domestic box office but also performed so well at the foreign locations as well.

Now, please take a look at some of the best Kannada movies in the year 2018 that proved successful at the box office as well.


Well, this is the best Kannada movie released on August 3, 2018. The movie starred Pooja Devariya, Ashwin Rao Pallakki and Diganth Manchale in their lead roles. The film was directed by none other than Senna Hegde. 

Now, talking about the critics rating, this Kannada movie managed to get a rating of four stars out of 5.

Don’t you think it is quite remarkable? Well, it takes a lot of hard work to produce any movie. But when your movie takes its place among the best Kannada movies, then there is nothing better than that. 

The plot of one of the best Kannada movies mainly revolves around Tarun who happens to be an owner of a quaint resort.

But the problem he is facing is that it is going into losses. Now, this is the time when Tarun is getting tensed just about thinking of his business. He’s also thinking about the ways to revive his business back.

This is the time when Tanya takes an entry by visiting his resort. It looks quite unrealistic to Tarun when he finds that Tanya has started grappling all his tensions and worries of his business.

Now, this is the time when both of them strike a melodious and sweet friendship. It further shows how their friendship goes on without any complications and how both are mutually helpful to each other.

You might be wandering what’s great in this movie. Well, we must let you know that this is one of the best Kannada movies that produced high technicality levels.

Along with that, all the dialogues look quite awesome along with their conversation style that looks so amazing and realistic. 


Aa Karaala Ratri happens to be one of the best Kannada movies of all time released on June 1, 2018. This Kannada movie was directed by none other than Dayal Padmanabhan. 

Aa Karaala Ratri meaning That Intense Dark Night. It stars Karthik Jayaram, Veena Sundar, Anupama Gowda and Rangayana Raghu.

The film happens to be a suspense thriller movie which is entirely based on a popular Kannada play by Mohan Habbu. The story is taken from the Russian story titled The Return of the Soldier.

The plot of this Kannada movie looks quite interesting that revolves around a burning village in Karnataka. It shows how a fortune traveler appears mysteriously to a poverty ridden family and instructs them that they are no more going to be living in such poverty and their fortune is just about to change.

The rest of the story in this Kannada film looks quite interesting as you need to find out what happened next on that fateful night.



KGF also enlists among the best Kannada movies released on December 21, 2018.

The Kannada movie was released along with another Bollywood movie titled Zero, starring Shahrukh Khan. KGF stars Srinidhi Shetty, Malavika Avinash, Achyuth Kumar, Srinivas Murthy, Anant Nag and Ninasam Ashwath.

KGF happens to be the one of the recently released and best Kannada movies that is creating ripples not only in the Kannada film industry but in the entire Bollywood fraternity. Just look at the KGF box office collection worldwide that will help you know how well this Kannada movie has been performing so far at the domestic and international box office.

No doubt, KGF has actually delivered what the makers had expected from this movie. And probably, this is the reason why it even outranked SRK’s Zero in terms of opening collection at the box office. Even now, KGF is doing well and has even managed to touch the audience hearts.


Bhairava Geetha is ranked among the best Kannada movies of all time. The film was released on October 12, 2018.

It’s directed by Siddhartha and stars Dhananjaya, Raja Balwadi and Irra Mor. Bhairava Geetha is mainly an action drama thriller and enlists among one of the best Kannada movies.

The movie plot revolves around Geetha who decides to live with a family living in a hardcore backdrop. But she decides to return to her village after she completes her studies. Soon after that, she falls in love with someone who is her father’s henchman. 

Both of them about to elope after her father decide to kill Bhairava. The story further grows that shows how  and Bhairava manage to handle all the forthcoming challenges in their lives.


8MM Bullet happens to be one of the best Kannada movies that has garnered all the appreciation from the audience. It’s actually a crime thriller both directed and written by Harikrishna. It was released on November 16, 2018.

The crime thriller is jointly produced by none other than Saleem Shah, Narayan Swami and Infant Pradeep. Please note that Jaggesh is playing in a different role in this Kannada movie. 

The film shows how an honest police officer suddenly loses his service revolver. It finally traces down to a common man who makes use of it in robbing a popular bank in his vicinity. He also kills a number of people as well.





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