Banjo (2016)- A Tedious Box Office Release Fails to Impress

image showing Ritesh in Banjo-box office release

Recent box office release “Banjo” fails to impress to a majority of audience after it screened in theaters on September 23, 2016.

Albeit, “Riteish Deshmukh” Starer initially manages to register a winsome start, but then diverts to an awfully tedious route.

The general feeling that bulges out among the viewers is that the film is quite boring and predictable to watch.

“Ritesh Deshmukh” (Taraat) is playing the lead role of a street musician. The direction in the film is performed by famous director and a national award winner “Ravi Jadhav”. “Banjo” is a saga of musical spirit and passion.

This is probably because it’s considered as a secondary musical instrument.

After everyone neglects them and their talent, they are spotted by someone originating from “New York” who offers his help in achieving their dreams.

image showing Ritesh in Banjo-box office release
Image Source: | Banjo- new box office release

This guy “Mikey” (Luke Kenny) further plans to showcase them and their hidden talent to the world.

The film has a rich, sporty performance of Ritesh who is otherwise known to play comic roles. This new box office release is written by “Nikhil Mehrotra”, “Ravi Jadhav” and “Kapil Sawant”.

Genre:                            Romance, Drama, Musical & Performing Arts
Directed By:                 Ravi Jadhav
Written By:                  Krishika Lulla
Released Date:           Sep 23, 2016 Limited
Studio:                           Eros International

Banjo Movie Review

The film is the recent box office release and shows how a local banjo player wants to achieve big in life.

It looks a bit sluggish and stodgy by avowedly dedicating to all street musicians who pose to become really great achievers in a passage of time.

The film, no doubt doesn’t stop propagating a great deal forward to give their dues to those who’re true and authentic performers. So, the film barely succeeds to put its noble point across.

He only knows that he’s a mass entertainer in the streets and nothing more than that.

Now, coming to the direction part, “Ravi Jhadhav” doesn’t seem to be able to attract the audiences much. He’s known to be a successful Marathi film maker and has done a tremendous job in the past.

Unlike his famous flicks (in the regional language) like Bal Gandharva, Balak Palak and Natarang, but this film doesn’t seem to be much more than a major letdown.

His (first Hindi movie) last box office release was also a complete washout. It never managed to hit the right notes.

The film, in fact, takes too long to come to the point. However, after it does much hawing and Hemming, it lets down further by not having a perfect story-line along with a confused and inept screenplay.


How Taraat manages to fulfill his dreams?

Nobody ever takes interest about the kind of robust rhythm they (Taraat and his band) are able to generate.

But still, it catches the fancy of an audio recorder- “Mikey” (Luke Kenny) who is impressed by looking at their performance.

Soon, Christina lands at an assignment and “Taraat” manages to get the job of chaperoning her in the region of filthy neighborhood.

By this time, this new box office release already has run half its course without achieving nothing.

Even, the peppy music of “Vishal-Shekhar” and much audible lyrics by “Amitabh Bhattacharya” couldn’t help bring the film in a state of worth watching.

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