Avengers Infinity War Box Office Collection Day 1- Marvel Film Roars At the Box Office In India

Avengers Infinity War box office collection day 1– As expected, Marvel’s film has done yet again. On the very first day of its opening in India, the film displayed a thunderous performance at the box office by collecting Rs 31.3 crore at the box office.


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Avengers Infinity War box office collection day 1- Well, on the opening day itself, the movie has left behind some other ones including Baaghi 2 and Padmavat after having minted such a huge collection.


 Avengers Infinity War box office collection day 1

Avengers Infinity War box office collection day 1 | Image Credit: YouTube


The movie led by amazing Marvel’s cinematic universe has triggered the box office in its own style. The film has left the box office ringing.


Movie Name:                               Avengers Infinity War
Genre:                                             Superhero
Released Date:                           April 27, 2018
Directed By:                                 Joe Russo, Anthony Russo
Produced By:                                Kevin Feige
Casts:                                              Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland


After the day has passed, the MCU movie almost surpassed all expectations of the audience, leaving all major Bollywood releases including Baaghi 2, Dangal, Padmavat and PK behind in the race of box office collection.

As per the data revealed by the trade expert Taran Adarsh via his tweet, “It’s the #AvengersInfinityWar wave going on everywhere across India. With Friday collection of Rs 31.30 crore, the Avengers Infinity war has become the highest grossing film in the history of cinema.”


Avengers Infinity War box office collection day 1- The film is expected to grow in the time to come


Another trade expert Girish Jauhar had estimated the film’s earnings at Rs 20 crore. Look what he said after the MCU movie closed the day with Rs 31,03 crore.


Avengers Infinity War box office collection day 1
Avengers Infinity War box office collection day 1 | Image Credit: The Financial Express


He said “I’m amazed to see such an astonishing result. Either it was through advanced booking or otherwise, the results are amazing and I am overjoyed with the film’s success.

I remember the same kind of experience sometimes back during the release of Baahubali where everybody was expecting a great collection of the film on the very first day.

But after the results (collection) were announced, it was way more than what we all had expected. Now, we all hope that the film performs better in the time to come.”

However, the film has already surpassed his predictions by a huge margin. This time, the MCU film reunites almost all the crucial and major Marvel superheroes to better face the Mad Titan. For example, it had already sold the tickets of the film in the very first few days. For example, if you look at the analytics of BookMyShow (online movie ticket booking website), it revealed that it sold almost 1 million movie tickets online much before the release of the movie.

Avengers Infinity War box office collection day 1

Well, it looks like an achievement for the film. One aspect that still needs to be analyzed that lies among the Indian audience and explains why they are the best followers of Hollywood flicks. However, the number of people who are able to understand the film is relatively small in the country due to the language barrier.

By looking at all the advantages of Hollywood films in India, Disney has taken some extra measures by releasing it in a few regional languages including Telgu, Tamil, etc. As we now expect, the Avengers Infinity War break all the future records (like Baahubali 2) for Hollywood movies.


 Avengers Infinity War box office collection day 1

Avengers Infinity War box office collection day 1 | Image Credit: YouTube


Please take a look at the official synopsis of the movie that says “Avengers The Infinity war has done its job on the completion of the first day itself. In fact, it was an amazing and deadliest showdown of almost all the other superheroes movies.”

Well, the film’s superheroes expect to defeat the power of almost all the superheroAvengers moves that have been released in the coming time. It further displays the ultimate power of Thanos before he puts an end to the universe.


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