Anupam Kher Defends YRF After Anurag Kashyap Blames It for Recent Film Debacle

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Anupam Kher who mostly likes to be vocal on some serious debate in the country has put forth his views on the recent controversy involving Yash Raj Films.

It all happened when filmmaker Anurag Kashyap criticized YRF owner Aditya Chopra for the failure in making some of the recent films.

Earlier, Anurag had commented how he sits in the office and continues to direct his employees on small matters.

Now, coming to his defiance, Anupam Kher stated that it was not easy to build the kind of rapport in the film industry that YRF Films has made.


Anupam Kher defends Yash Raj Films 

Anupam Kher has recently featured in films like The Kashmir Files where he was praised for his spectacular performance. He has also featured in a film titled Karthikeya 2 where he was praised by the masses.

This time, the veteran actor was interviewed during the promotion of his film titled Karthikeya 2. And this is what Anupam Kher said, “I am very, very proud of Aditya Chopra. Yash ji’s family is like my own family. To have built an empire like Yash Raj Films is not an easy thing. It’s easy for people to make comments. I don’t again want to pass judgement on what he has said. He is not the ultimate authority on human behavior.”

The comment came right after Anurag spoke on some recent strings of flops given by the YRF (Yash Raj Films). Some of the recent films of YRF that proved disasters include Jayeshbhai Jordaar, Samrat Prithviraj, and Shamshera.

While addressing the issue, this is what Anurag Kashyap had told Galatta Plus, “You have one person sitting in a cave, who doesn’t know the world outside, dictating how everybody should be making their films and telling them what to do. If Aditya Chopra has hired a bunch of people, he needs to empower them and not dictate them, not control the casting, not control everything. Sit in your office, hire good people if you trust them, and let them make their film – which is the mistake he makes! He doesn’t let them be.”


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