The Future of Kapil Sharma Comedy Show Looks Too Complicated

kapil sharma comedy show

It looks highly unpredictable to guess where Kapil Sharma comedy show is heading.

You already know what we really meant by saying this. Well, if you’re not aware about the recent mid-air spat between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, then let’s remind you once again.

Kapil Sharma had a bad fight with Sunil Grover enroute while coming back from Australia.

It has been revealed that Kapil was completely drunk and even hurled a shoe at him as the latter tried to intervene the fight ignited by him. As per the reports, Kapil didn’t want his team members to start having lunch before him.

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Not only that, he started abusing each of his team members on the issue. It was Grover, who tried to intervene and tried to calm him down.

But to his surprise the situation became more aggravated and out of control. He became more intense and continued abusing in the Punjabi language all the way in the flight.

kapil sharma comedy show
kapil sharma comedy show | Image Credit: YouTube

The impact of this fight can now be seen on the Kapil Sharma comedy show. Soon after the news of this abrupt fight leaked in the media, it took even a more steeper curve. The result- Sunil Grover along with Chandan Prabhakar and Ali left the show.

Kapil Sharma comedy show- As per the audience, Sunil Grover should leave the show

The recent spat between him and Sunil has resulted the TRPs of the show going down miserably.

Another reason why the Kapil Sharma comedy show is on the verge of going off the air is because of Kapil’s inability to bring back famous Bollywood personalities back to the show.

If the reports are to be believed, the Kapil Sharma comedy show is going to complete one year on coming April 24, 2017.

Now, we all need to see if Sony renews the contract of Rs. 104 Crores for a new season. In the present situation, it looks highly impossible for the above deal to happen.

As per the reports, Sidhu also tried to intervene in the matter but it didn’t happen.

So, as a whole, the situation has become too much complicated and no one is sure what’s going to happen next. But one thing for sure, if Sunil Grover doesn’t remain a part of the show, it will not survive.

The recent spat between Kapil and Sunil has also cost him dearly. After their spat has come to public, Air India has announced that they will soon issue a warning for Sharma for his abrupt behavior in the Air India flight from which they were returning back home. Kapil Sharma tried to assault Sunil Grover in the flight.

So, no one knows what’s going to be the fate of the most popular television comedy show as the situation is becoming too much complicated with each passing day.