T-Series Apologizes to Kathmandu Mayor over Adipurush Dialogues, Requests Him to Lift Ban


Adipurush producer T-Series has now issued an apology to Kathmandu Mayor Balen Shah for the abrupt dialogues in the film. As per a dialogue, it said “Sita as the ‘daughter of India’ in the movie.”

In the original letter sent to the Mayor of Kathmandu, the producer of the film not only acknowledged the controversy but also assured him of being unintentional.

Following the news of Adipurush controversy, the Mayor chose to give a serious punishment to the film. He ordered to impose a ban on the film in Kathmandu.

T-Series apologizes to Kathmandu Mayor over Adipurush dialogue, requests ban to be lifted

T-Series Apologizes to Kathmandu Mayor over Adipurush Dialogues, Requests Him to Lift Ban

At this time, Nepal has enforced ban on Adipurush in many cities like Pokhara and Dharan. It was done due to the makers distorting the film’s history.

Following the ban, T-Series has taken sufficient action to revoke the ban on the film. In their response to the controversy, T-Series reached out to Kathmandu Mayor Balen Shah. They expressed their regrets while apologizing the matter.

The production company clarified that the mistake has been rectified and emphasized that there was no intention to offend or misrepresent. T-Series assured the mayor that the necessary changes have been made to the film.

Due to the presence of contentious dialogue in the film titled Adipurush, Mayor Shah of Nepal has imposed a ban on the film. In his reply, he demanded an immediate removal of the line that says, “Until and unless the slogan ‘Janki is a daughter of India’ contained in the South Indian film Adipurush is not true not only in Nepal but also in India, no Hindi film will be allowed to run in the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.”

After a ban on Adipurush was imposed in Nepa, he immediately released the order to impose ban on all Hindi films in Nepal which will be effective from June 19.

Mayor Shah has also issued a notice to Adipurush makers to remove the objectionable dialogue from the film in a span of 3 days. To which T-Series responded quickly and made all the necessary arrangements to alter the film.



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