Sultan Movie Poster Versus Dangal Movie Poster: Select the Odd One Out

Sultan movie poster
Sultan Movie Poster | Image Credit: YouTube

Even before the Sultan movie poster first released on April 29, 20016, the fans looked so excited to have its first glimpse.

But after the poster was finally released, it looked full of flaws at the first sight. For example, by looking it closely, anyone can find Anushka fighting wearing hair bands / clips.

However, as per rules, you are not allowed to wear any pointed object(s) during the match.

This is quite a silly mistake that filmmakers of Sultan should have avoided. Anyhow, the blunder remained unnoticed for long and that is the reason why it appeared in case of Sultan.

For your information, we should tell you- As the movie is closely associated with wrestlers, there are some strict rules and guidelines which is usually followed.

And one of them is the prohibition of any pointed or unwanted object.

In fact, when the Sultan movie poster was first revealed in public, everyone wondered about the obvious flaws; and also the fact that how the film’s director (Ali Abbas Zafar) failed to manage such an obvious fault.

Well, this was not the first time, though, the crew of ‘Sultan’ was even blamed of committing similar blunder prior to this one.

Albeit, the error committed was a small one, but still it hurt after it got highlighted. Even the fans were able to point out the same.

One reason can be the focus, that was entirely on Salman Khan, and everyone wanted to stay glued to watch him in the movie, released afresh.

On the other hand, Dangal movie poster gives a mesmerizing effect as compared to Sultan’s.

By looking at the poster, it seems as if it’s trying to narrate you a story, whereas it was just the opposite in Sultan movie poster.

Dangal is made with quite a subtle image with as many as 1000 words, whereas Sultan looks quite illustrative one.

Further, you can see the face of Salman Khan not visible and eventually not doing enough justice with the audience.