John Abraham Believes Force 2 Affected Slightly Due to Demonetization

John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha in Force 2 | Image Credit: Press News Release

Actor and Producer John Abraham expresses his views on the demonetization move initiated in the country. He was speaking in relation to his latest release ‘Force 2’.

Albeit, the film is doing a good business at the box office, but he looked a bit concerned about the overall collections. As per John, demonetization has affected Force 2 marginally.

The initiative taken by our Prime Minister on November 8, 2016 is being widely appreciated, but it’s also affecting the business of low budget films to a certain extent.

In the past, there were reports of some filmmakers holding the release of their films due to the move.

But still, everyone is expecting the situation to improve steadily. We know it can’t happen overnight and that is the reason why the PM has requested to be patient for now.

John has an altogether different experience to rate a film on the box office. He simply says the success of a film largely depends on the content it serves to the audience.

In other words, if the content (script) of a film is strong enough, then in no way a film can under perform at the box office.

But some filmmakers are not concerned about the content part. Instead, they over stuff the film with unnecessary moves, including songs, media and other things.

The 43 year old star actor further says that he has really observed the presence of positive reviews about the film coming from all directions.

This was last happened at the time of ‘Madras Cafe’ release. In the present scenario, demonetization can be the one big reason, but if you look overall, it all depends on the quality of content which is the basis of a film to excel at the box office.

John finally says that people will surely come and watch your film if the content is good.

John was confident that demonetization won’t affect the collections of Force 2 in any way. But the actor didn’t surprise after analyzing the results.

If you look at the collections, the film made a whopping Rs. 20 Crores on the opening date itself. This is quite a huge success of Force 2 that was marginally affected by the move.


Force 2 has been produced under the star actor’s banner by the name JA Entertainment.

This is quite a crucial time for the film as the actor hopes the film to perform well till Aamir Khan’s Dangal will release not before December 23, 2016.

But nobody has complains whatsoever. This is because there are absolutely no single screen films running at present.