Simran Trailer-Kangana Ranaut Plays Real Time Gambler and Shoplifter

Simran trailer is finally out. It shows Kangana Ranaut playing the sensational character of a gambler and a kleptomaniac who’s seen living a lavish life in this Hansal Mehta directorial movie.

The plot is quite unique and liked by Kangana herself. It’s based on a plethora of illicit acts performed by an NRI nurse. She’s a real time gambler and has to pay off a huge amount of gambling debts.

simran trailer
simran trailer | Image Credit: YouTube

Simran trailer shows some dauntless acts of Bollywood Queen- Kangana Ranaut. Well, one thing for sure. You can’t stay back after watching the impeccable trailer and would surely like to wait for the film to get released.

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As you know, Kangana is quite selective picking up new projects for her, this time too, she will be seen performing exceptionally well in her new venture by the name Simran. Now, after the trailer of the film is released, it’s time to dig in more about the story of the upcoming movie.

Movie Name:                   SIMRAN
Genre:                               Drama, Romance
Release Date:               September  15, 2017
Directed By:                  Hansal Mehta
Produced By:                Amit Agarwal, Bhushan Kumar, Shailesh R Singh, Krishan Kumar
Casts:                                Soham Shah, Kangana Ranaut, Esha Tewari Pande, Soham Shah

Simran is based on the life of a young girl who has a habit of gambling and due to which she needs to settle down huge debts on her head. In this film, she’s playing the role of a divorcee who’s passionate about flirting with guys.

Simran Trailer- Kangana Performs Well in Her Perfectly Looking Endearing Character

This is what she observes about flirting “To woo a man is nowhere related to a character-flaw but happens to be an art”. This clearly shows her poetic side apart from being an in-house of bad habits. Simran trailer begins with a few phrases where she’s seen comparing her freedom with sun’s rays and butterflies.

simran trailer
simran trailer | Image Credit:

Simran trailer later shows that everything not going absolutely fine in Kangana’s (Praful) life. This is what it becomes evident in the latter part of the trailer, which shows her involvement in making robberies. Now, the police is informed about these robberies and so starts chasing Praful.

Along with that she no longer seems to be of any interest in the eyes of her boyfriend. But she gives it a damn and stays as blissful as ever by holding a glass of champagne in both her hands. Well, if you want to know about the course of events further, you need to wait till the movie releases in September.

Telling you more about Simran trailer, the film has been shot in the US and is a kind of racy thriller. Simran is actually inspired by an NRI nurse who is involved in robbery and has a lot of debt on her head. She was also imprisoned for robbing a plethora of banks to pay off her hefty gambling debts.

Simran will be released on September 15, 2017 and is produced by none other than Krishan Kumar, Bhushan Kumar, Amit Agarwal and Shailesh R Singh.


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