Sylvester Stallone Unveils Intense New ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ Trailer

rambo last blood trailer

Sylvestor Stallone who is one of the most popular Hollywood actors, will soon be featured in his upcoming film ‘Rambo: Last Blood’. He’s going to reprise his most exciting role of Rambo once more.

He will soon reprise his role of the most discussed iconic character by the name John Rambo: Las.

As you might know this about, it is going to be the last blood under the Rambo franchise. At the same time, the upcoming movie happens to be direct sequel of Rambo that was released on 2008.

There was a time when the teaser of the movie was dropped online on social media. And now, they have unveiled the trailer of the move.

As per the latest trailer that was unveiled today, it showcases none other than Stallone in his full action swing.

You can we’ll see how he looks in this new avatar. Well, after you go through the trailer, you will come to know about his special character in the Hollywood movie where he is looking like blood spitted, sweaty, dirty with each and every of his muscle popping.

This is because he is engaged in doing forge weapons in his own arms. At other times, you can also see him firing off an arrow.

The plot revolves around Rambo’s own niece named Gabrielle. Now, the drama starts when she’s taken by a senior group of criminals.

After Rambo comes to know this, he decides to go on a rescue mission. All he wants is to find her and bring back home.

The film has been directed by none other than Adrian Grunberg. It stars Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Paz Vega and Óscar Jaenada.

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