‘Shashank’ Director Denies to Have Made A Film On Sushant Singh Rajput


This is not the first time that a petition has been filed in the High Court against all those film makers who are about to launch their films based on the life of Sushant Singh Rajput. We all have noticed how things have gone in the past after the sudden and unexpected demise of the late Bollywood actor.

In such a scenario where the central investigating agencies are already working to crack the case, it’s not justified for all the makers to release their films on such a sensitive topic.

And this is why the father of Sushant Singh Rajput has filed a case in the High Court urging to stop making films on the life of his son as it tarnishes his image in the society.

One such film is ‘Shashank’ against which the petition was filed by the father of the late Bollywood superstar. During the hearing in the court on the above matter, the director of ‘Shashank’ claimed that although, the film displays the story related to all those who face nepotism in Bollywood, it’s nowhere related to the life of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Shashank’s director Sanoj Mishra further argued that there is a lot of difference in the name of the movie Sushant Singh Rajput and ‘Shashank’. He also stated that his film is based on the lives of four people who have to face nepotism in the industry. He concluded that there is no comparison between the two at all.

The director had to make his submission in the court in response to the petition filed by Krishna Kishore Singh who’s the father of Sushant Singh Rajput. He has sought from the court to restrain any person using his son’s name or likeness in films.

There are many more such projects waiting for release including ‘Nyay: The Justice’, ‘Suicide or Murder: A star was lost’ and a few more. The first film in this category also looks like to have based on the life of Sushant Singh Rajput. The shooting of Nyay has already been completed and the film is expected to release in June.

On April 20, the High Court asked all the producers to submit their respective pleas in the response to the petition filed by the father of Sushant. The matter will be heard on April 24.

The suit has been filed in response to the films being made by such producers who are trying to ruin the image of Sushant Singh Rajput. This is what it says, “The defendants (filmmakers), taking advantage of this situation, have been trying to encash this opportunity for ulterior motives”.

In the further report, the suit has claimed a sum of Rs. 2 crore for trying to damage the image of Sushant by stating, “Thus, Plaintiff (Singh) has apprehension that various plays, movies, web-series, books, interviews or other material may be published which would harm the reputation of the son of the plaintiff and his family,”

The suit filed by the father of Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR) further stated, “any misuse of his name/ image/ caricature/ style of delivering dialogues also amounts to infringement of the personality right vested with the plaintiff besides amounting to acts of passing off”.

“The said right would be available to the plaintiff after his son’s death as he is the only legal heir of Sushant Singh Rajput, it further said.

Finally, the father of SSR has sought from the court to restrain all such filmmakers or any other person from using his son’s ” name/ caricature/ lifestyle or likeness in their forthcoming project/films in any manner whatsoever”.


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