Shanaya Kapoor Roasted for Overacting in Her Debut Ad Before Her Launch Into Bollywood

shanaya kapoor

Shanaya Kapoor, the daughter of Sanjay Kapoor and Maheep Kapoor, trolled heavily after she tried to enact in an ad shared by Karan Johar. People have varied views over her decision to join Bollywood.


Right before Shanaya Kapoor (daughter of Sanjay Kapoor and Maheep Kapoor) could have launched in Bollywood, she tried to showcase her acting skills through an ad. As soon as it was posted on social media by Karan Johar, people started trolling her heavily for her immature acting skills.

Although, Shanaya will become a part of Bollywood sooner or later, the kind of acting she tried to showcase in her debut ad forced people think about her decision to try her hand in acting.

The video clearly shows Shanaya acting while eating spaghetti quite differently. After the video was posted, some people liked her screen presence while others started trolling her.

It’s because many of them believed that she’s doing overacting and trying way too hard to make her mark.

Some people also compared her with Chunky Panday’s daughter Ananya Panday and called her ‘Another Ananya’ in the making.

After the trolling, Karan Johar had no option but to block all the comments from his Twitter handle.

One user commented, “Why do all of them sound the same??, while another commented, “Man she got an ad before debut now thats privledge,”. There was another user who wrote, “Second Ananya Panday, why can’t you act natural without overreaction.”

There were some other section of people who called her to be a product of nepotism. This is what the user commented, “Bloody nepotism starkid,”.

Another user wrote, “Nepotism mafia, launching a star kid,” and “Plz promote some good talent, these girls are super bad actresses.”

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