ShahRukh Khan Named Smriti Irani Daughter? Find Out the Connection

smriti irani daughter

Do you know Smriti Irani daughter ‘Shanelle’ was named by none other than Shah Rukh Khan? But what’s the connection between SRK and Smriti Irani? Well, these are some sort of questions that we’re going to answer..

Being a SRK fan, we hope you already know ShahRukh Khan began his career from television. ShahRukh first appeared in small screen shows like Fauji and Circus. But he always wanted to make it big one day and for that, he always believed in himself. This, in turn, helped him performing better towards his audience and fans.

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As we know, there is always a room for improvement in whatever profession you belong to. And now, even if he has become a Bollywood superstar, do you believe he still has connections with small screen artists? Well, it looks like ShahRukh Khan has impeccable relations with many celebrities doing small screen shows. The actor himself has revealed his strong connection with one of the most admired television performer- Smriti Irani.

smriti irani daughter
smriti irani daughter | Image Credit: YouTube

If you look into the past, Smriti had enacted in a famous television serial titled “Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” where she played the character of Tulsi. The daily soap aired on television in the year 2000.

Talking about the relation between Smriti Irani and ShahRukh Khan, we must tell you that both SRK and Smriti are connected through Zubin Irani, who’s now Smriti’s husband. Zubin is an Iranian businessman and knows SRK since his childhood. Yes, you guessed it right. SRK and Zubin are childhood friends!

Smriti Irani daughter Shanelle lives with her along with two other kids

After Smriti floated a picture of her daughter on a social media channel, ShahRukh Khan apparently shared the picture and revealed to have named the daughter of his childhood friend Shanelle. It was cleared after SRK himself wrote “Zubin, my childhood friend’s daughter has now grown up and looks so pretty. And just for the purpose of record, I named her Shanelle”.

smriti irani daughter
smriti irani daughter | Image Credit: YouTube

Smriti Irani daughter Shanelle is actually her stepdaughter, after the small screen actress married to Zubin Irani in the year 2001. For Smriti, it was her first marriage, but not for Zubin as it was her second marriage. Zubin Irani was already married to Mona Irani, but later divorced her after marrying with Smriti. Even though Shanelle is not Smriti Irani daughter, but now looked after by her.

After marrying Zubin in 2001, Smriti gave birth to son Zohr in October 2001 and then she gave birth to her daughter Zoish in 2003. Now, Smriti takes care of all three kids, including Shanelle, who’s the daughter of Zubin and Mona Irani.