Sanjay Dutt Biopic Is Full of Heart Touching Scenes- Says Arshad Warsi

sanjay dutt biopic

Sanjay Dutt biopic is scheduled to release on Christmas this year. But it seems that even before its release, everyone wants to be affirmed for the smooth release of the film without any ambiguity. Recently Arshad Warsi came in the middle to support the making of the film and said the director Hirani is confident about everything going in the right ways.

Warsi, who’s one of the closest to the director Rajkumar Hirani, reveals that the script has everything to attract the audience back to the theatres. The reason why he thinks so is because of the movie’s content which is so touchy and emotional. By looking at all these factors, there is no reason why the audience won’t like it.
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Sanjay Dutt biopic stars Ranbir Kapoor in the title role who will be seen portraying the character Sanjay Dutt, his career and life. As you know, the upcoming movie is slated to release not before Christmas, this year.

sanjay dutt biopic
sanjay dutt biopic | Image Credit: BollywoodSun

Arshad, while speaking to the media also expressed his satisfaction towards the making of the film as well as the character of Sanjay Dutt, being played by none other than Ranbir Kapoor. He was all praise of Ranbir and said the movie is slowly heading towards the right direction with all its characters doing their best.

Sanjay Dutt biopic has it all to make make the film intersting to watch

When asked to comment on the character being played by Ranbir, he looked confident by his performance so far. Warsi says Ranbir has been in his brilliant form and knows how to justify any given character. Also, Rajkumar Hirani is a good friend of him and tends to give him inputs on the performance of everyone in the star cast.

sanjay dutt biopic
sanjay dutt biopic | Image Credit:

Warsi further said if you want me to reveal everything right now, then it won’t be possible. However, he looked very confident about the forthcoming project which according to him is doing well at the moment. Arshad revealed that Sanjay Dutt biopic is going to be a beautiful film and even if it’s not a biopic, it’s still a fantastic film to watch.

And finally, Warsi giving all the credit to Raju says, he’s such a great director who knows how to polish his films enough to make them most entertaining ones.

After revealing the most of it, Warsi said the director Rajkumar Hirani will start working on his new venture after completing Sanjay Dutt biopic, which is going to be the 3rd installment of the Munna Bhai franchise. During the entire conversation with Warsi, he looked excited to tell us the story of his forthcoming projects with Hirani.

Arshad said that he feels so impressed the way the script has produced. And this makes Raju a successful director as everybody knows he never compromises with the script. And that’s the reason we see him taking years to finalize with the script part. He feels that every filmmaker should practice this because it’s the script that works nowadays and nothing else. It also signifies that for making a movie, you must have a reason. And if you don’t have one, you should not prompt to make a film.

So, what do you think about this forthcoming film to be like? Give your comments.