Ranbir Kapoor Clears the Air About His Intimate Scenes With Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Ranbir Kapoor
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In a fresh row over the comments made by Ranbir Kapoor regarding the intimate scenes with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the movie “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”, the latter had to give clarifications.

The whole episode emerged when ‘Ranbir’ expressed his views regarding his sizzling chemistry with ‘Aish’ in the movie. But his comment sparkled controversies around him. Due to this he had to come forward to clear every bit of confusion. ‘Ranbir Kapoor’ clarified by saying he respects her.

Afterwards, Ranbir chose to speak on the matter after a radio interview where he said that he felt shy. He further elaborated that during his shoot with ‘Aish’ in the movie, he not only felt shy but also became hesitant while touching her cheeks and his hands used to shiver.

As he was not being able to perform his act precisely, Aish soon asked him to pay attention and do the act properly. She reminded me that we both are just doing acting and nothing more than that.

Ranbir Kapoor categorically asserted that his comments were made so many twists and didn’t put forward what he actually meant.

I’m hurt not only because my comments were reproduced in a bad taste but also about a simple and candid conversation was blown out of context.

This fresh row triggered and quickly sensationalized into interesting stories and headlines.

I said that it was not at all justified to present such sort of thing which was totally out of context. Ranbir Kapoor said Aish is not only a superb actor but also a good family friend.

She’s included in the list of India’s most talented and respected women. He said that he would always remain grateful for what she has contributed for the film ‘ADHM’. Then he said that I couldn’t have disrespected her like the way it was reproduced in the media.

Ranbir Kapoor shouldn’t have commented as Bachchans felt his comments were embarrassing

Ranbir Kapoor
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On the other hand, as per the fresh updates from Daily, a close associate of the Bachchan’s revealed that the family never had any objections with those scenes as they’re quite professional actors and take up the matter professionally. But still, they somehow felt that whatever he commented was quite embarrassing.

Amid all this, Anushka Sharma and Aamir Khan has all praise for Ranbir Kapoor. Both praised him for his marvelous acting skills. Anushka, who has teamed up with Ranbir for the second time after shooting for Bombay Velvet praised him saying that he’s a fabulous actor and has given a plethora of amazing films.

He has astoundingly great skills that can’t be compared with anyone else. She said that she would always admire him for the kind of choices he made at the start of his career. Some of his movies that he selected wisely include- “Rajneeti”, “Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year”, “Barfi”, etc. It seems quite fantastic to see the choices made by such a young and promising actor.

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