Radhe- Salman Khan Starts Working On Post Production From Farmhouse Amid Lockdown

salman khan

Just like any other country in the world, Bollywood is also affected due to the outbreak of corona virus.

You might have witnessed loads of upcoming films have been postponed to an indefinite period of time. Bolly4u

At the same time, so many Bollywood and Tollywood personalities have come forward to make people aware to stay in their homes and don’t go outside to prevent the infection from the deadly virus.

One of the worst hits state in India is none other than Maharashtra with lots of celebrities’ busy working from home. Moviesflix

But here, we will discuss about one such celebrity who is currently ruling the entire cine world. He’s none other than Salman Khan.

Like others, Salman Khan has decided to work from home regarding the post production for his upcoming film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. He has started working from his farmhouse in panvel.



Radhe happens to be one of the Salman Khan upcoming films where he would star opposite Disha Patani. In fact, the film happens to be one of the most anticipating films of 2020.

Salman Khan has a huge fan following who like to see him perform in action on the silver screen. Baaghi 3 Download

On the other hand, Bollywood star also tries hard to produce a film that entertains them as per their expectations. Moviesflix

But in the event of the sudden corona virus outbreak, the entire country is witnessing the lock-down phase. Bolly4u

This is the time when the actor wants to ensure that the post production of his upcoming film is not affected in any way.

As per the latest Bollywood news, the entire shooting of the film has already been completed. Malang Movie Download

The only thing which is left is a song which is to be featured between Disha Patani and Salman Khan. Radhe is scheduled to be released on Eid, 2020. Moviesflix

These days, Salman can be seen spending most of his time at the farmhouse. He even shared a video while sketching. The video was shared on his social media account. Baaghi 3 Download