A Czech Singer Dies After Intentionally Getting Caught COVID-19


As per the latest news posted by Gray Media Group, a Czech folk singer who didn’t want to get vaccinated against COVID-19 died after contacting the virus. The above fact came to light after her son clarified the issue.

The singer’s name is Hana Horka who worked as a vocalist for the Asonance band died at the age of 57. The above update was confirmed by her son while talking to CNN news group. 

Rek recorded his statement according to which he and his father were already vaccinated against the deadly COVID-19 but his mother was not vaccinated.

He further stated that her mother never wanted to get vaccinated and therefore decided to voluntarily expose to the virus at the time  when her son and husband caught the virus right before Christmas.

In Czech Republic, people need to submit proof of getting vaccinated in order to access any type of cultural or sports activity. As per the information, Horka wanted to contact the virus so that she could easily obtain the health pass to better participate in public event instead of getting vaccine.

This is what her son told, “My mom wanted to get sick so she gets the COVID pass,” Rek said. “She said to me and even publicly she wants to get infected so she is done with COVID.”