Race 3 Latest News- See What Daisy Shah Has to Say About Salman Khan

race 3 latest news
race 3 latest news

Race 3 latest news The Salman Khan starrer Race 3 is all set to release on June 15. So, have you booked your show for tomorrow? If not, then you may still do it now. What we are here for is to tell you is all about Race 3 latest news and much more. For now, we are going to give you some happy jolts as the film is all set to release tomorrow. In the recent news right from the sets, Daisy Shah feels that she doesn’t want to make him feel disappointed regarding anything about her.

As per Shah, Salman Khan is so kind to her all along the making of the film. He always trusts on her work and even now, he feels the same. On the other hand, the actress feels that Salman trusts her and she will not break her trust in any way.


race 3 latest news
race 3 latest news | Image Credit: YouTube


The Salman Khan starrer is produced by Tips films & Salman Khan Films. It has been directed by none other than Remo D’Souza. It stars some other well known faces from the industry that includes Bobby Deol, Jacqueline, Daisy Shah, Anil Kapoor and Freddy Daruwala in their lead roles. The movie is all set to release on June 15.


Movie Name:                              Race 3
Genre:                                            Thriller
Released Date:                           June 15, 2018
Directed By:                                Remo D’Souza
Producer:                                    Salman Khan
Casts:                                             Jacqueline Fernandez, Salman Khan, Daisy Shah, Bobby Deol


As per the Race 3 latest news that is pouring in right at the moment about Daisy Shah- The actress seems busy promoting her movie to be released tomorrow. She was spotted making a remark that she doesn’t want to disppoint his co-star and mentor Salman Khan in the forthcoming action flick. This is what she interacted with a number of media groups on Wednesday. Daisy, who has now become a well known face in the industry, made her entry into the world of Bollywood by working as an assistant to choreographer- Ganesh Acharya.

Daisy continued to perform her duties mindlessly for no less than 10 years when Salman Khan spotted her. As soon as it happened, Salman decided to give her break in one of his films Jai Ho. And this is what she has to say on her past experience- “Life is all about gaining new experiences and challenges as well. Also, you should be ready to face challenges right from the time of your birth.”


race 3 latest news
race 3 latest news | Image Credit: Witty Ghost


She further quoted her views by saying “As I got a break in Jai Ho that proved a challenge in front of me. After that it all depends on my own performance and destiny. Other than that, I also feel a lot also depends on the blessings of your parents in what you try to do and achieve. And therefore, I find myself quite fortunate that Salman single handily lifted me at the time when I was nothing and even took a strand that I achieve something in my life”.

“You can and should work hard towards achieving your goals, and after that, everything depends on your hard work. You can’t deny the fact that Salman Khan is loved by millions of his fans across the globe. At this time, when he showed his trust on me, I do not want to make him disappointed in any way. Today, people believe in me only because Salman Khan trusted on my abilities.”

Race 3 latest news- Salman Khan uplifted the career of Daisy Shah

“After that she chose to share her experience on the upcoming film and said” we are really humbled and thankful to the audience that they have shown such a tremendous response to both our songs and trailer, and that’s why it gives such a nice feeling. As per the latest Race 3 news, only the title of the film matches with the name of the franchise. And other than that everything is different.”

Shah further said that the new franchise is not only loaded with an entirely new star cast but the story line (plot) is also different. “As you can make out yourself that the earlier series basically revolved around two brothers, but this time, it is going to be a new story altogether. Other than that, you will find the movie full of turns and twists”.


race 3 latest news
race 3 latest news | Image Credit: Bollywoodlife.com

She also explained a few words about her own character “I’m playing the role of Sanjana in Race 3 in this flick and happens to be a dark character in the initial part of the film. But later on, it completely transforms into a positive character”.

The actress, after seeing some of the high octane sequences said “I experienced all the fun while doing Race 3. As you know that most actresses in the biz world only get only a few songs and scenes for any film. But as far as Race 3 is concerned, it is one of the franchises where female performers are also given the equal importance along with their male counterparts. Well, the latest Race 3 news is that the film is not about any specific actor or actress. It’s just about everyone’s cumulative performances”.

One more thing needs to be taken into account that was pointed by her. She said “While doing stunts of my own proved quite a deliberate decision. This is because female actresses don’t always get the opportunity to work in every kind of sequences. It all happened that I even fractured one of my ankles at the time of practicing for one of the action sequences.

And due to this, we even had to postpone the shooting for some time. It was between Jacqueline and me for an entire month. But when the time came for the real shoot, it all came out nicely giving us some extra time for practicing”.

Well, after having updated you with Race 3 latest news, let’s wait and see how the film performs on the opening day.


Race 3 Trailer

After updating you with Race 3 latest news, please take a look at the trailer of the film.

Please have a look at the Race 3 trailer. The official trailer of the movie was released about a month ago. Only a few hours are left for the movie to get released. The film stars Salman Khan, Daisy Shah, Jacqueline, Bobby Deol, etc.