Priyanka Chopra Takes Down Mother’s Day Post With Unidentified Child, Leaving Fans Wondering, “Who’s She?”

Priyanka Chopra

It all happened last night when Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra made everyone surprised after posting a Mother’s Day photo with a caption “the one who made her a mom,”. But the actress deleted it almost instantly.

In the meanwhile, one of the users managed to take the screenshot and posted it on Reddit. It soon sparked a controversy about the little girl in the picture.


Priyanka Chopra Takes Down Mother’s Day Post With Unidentified Child, Leaving Fans Wondering, “Who’s She?”

Soon after the picture was posted on Reddit, it had to face a lot of queries. Several users came on board to ask different questions regarding the picture that the actress shared. One of them asked, “who’s this and why is she calling her her daughter?” “Who’s this kid? It’s so odd. You don’t just accidentally post a random picture, there are like 3 steps involved.” Another Reddit user remarked, “Don’t underestimate the problem of farsightedness. She probably wasn’t wearing her glasses or contacts and confidently posted a photo she thought was her daughter. Or someone in the PR department is getting fired.”

It was not the only picture that Priyanka had shared. In fact, she had shared her family pics on the same evening with a caption that read, “Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all who have been privileged to receive the love, care, and guidance of a mother or mother figures. I’ve been immensely fortunate, with not only my mother and grandmothers shaping my upbringing but also my aunts. It indeed requires a community.”

Regarding her professional journey so far, Priyanka has just finished her recent Hollywood project titled ‘Head of State’ and then embarked on an extensive shoot in Europe.


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