Pooja Bhatt- It’s Painful Watching Karan Proclaim His Patriotism

Pooja Bhatt
Image Credit: Ytalkies

After a long time, first reaction came out of the lobby of film producers. It’s none other than actor turned filmmaker “Pooja Bhatt“, who presented her views on the controversial film “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”.

She commented on the recent deal that happened regarding the smooth release of the film.

As it’s evident that there’s already a deal happened between the film producer “Karan Johar” and the state. It was all done for the safe release of the film.

Pooja Bhatt while expressing her agony towards the course of events that took place recently, admitted that she’s nothing more than a candle in the wind.

She has to say that if you’re trying to speak anything about peace or peace talks with your neighbor (across the border), then you’re nothing more than a traitor.

She says I’m already under a crisis of conscience as how to present my views in the best possible manner.

But still, can’t resist seeing a few of my brethren who have no choice but to succumb to the powers without attempting a fight. You will not get anything till the time you become silent spectators.

The biggest question that I think is how to coax them out from a futile relationship if they’re not ready to come out of it. It’s a next to impossible task.

Pooja Bhatt remembered a similar situation in the year 1999 when one of her films by the name “Zakham” was denied a certificate from CBFC (Censor Board of Film Certification).

The point of conflict was further raised as the board was headed by none other than veteran actor “Asha Parekh”. I still remember my father had taken a stand at that time when he was forced to temper with the film.

But he was clear on his stand and announced that we would release the movie without tempering it anyway or else would fire the negatives.

Pooja Bhatt says today patriotism and Profit have common relations

She even said that the words ‘patriotism’ and ‘profit’ are being used and misused, but in the entire race the word ‘art’ has somewhere depleted.

This has been happening and targeting the industry, especially the those who are soft targets and nothing to do with all these issues.

You can see a quick reaction from the masses whenever such issues are raised. People start throwing stones on the artists from the entertainment industry realizing them as soft targets.

On the other hand, the owners of multiplexes and single screens get terrified of their probable losses due to the expected vandalism. How can they trust in the promises made to them by the state to provide adequate security to their properties?

Well, you can really see the other aspect of the side as soon as the wild figure of Rs. 5 Crores bulges in. There were no signs of any amount till the time meetings were held between the film producers, chief ministers along with aggravated members.

However, if you look at the other side of it, like protecting us from the copyright issues, then nobody seems interested coming forward or even discussing on the matter. Pooja Bhatt raised so many questions out of the box which nobody would ever like to present his or her views.