Paul McCartney Chopped Onions to Spare His Wife the Tears!

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is better regarded as Sir James Paul McCartney. He’s an English film producer, songwriter and singer who gained immense popularity as co-lead vocalist and bassist for the Beatles.

The latest buzz about McCartney is that he recently spoke about how he and his wife named Linda would love cooking together. He now shared why he would always like to chop onions.

The report says, “I would always volunteer because we were very close and I was often in the kitchen by her side. I would say, ‘Anything you’d like me to do?’ And one thing I didn’t mind doing was chopping the onions — even though it made me very emotional and I’d even cry sometimes! I quite liked chopping the onions. I liked the idea of sparing Linda the tears,” he said.

McCartney also stated while narrating his own story that he’s not a bad cook though.

“Generally speaking, I wasn’t a bad cook. But she was so much better that I only did the occasional meal. I did a good breakfast — I would use a lot of fruit, peel the mango and cut it all up, slice the melon and deseed it, and make it all nice on the plate. But she was definitely the main cook – Cook of the House,” he further added.

As per McCartney, Linda and Rocker already changed to vegetarians in 1975 after that they launched their very famous the Linda McCartney Foods range. It still serves both vegan and vegetarian items in the menu.

“It was a joint decision, definitely. We were both quite happy eating meat, because she was a great cook, and we didn’t really think about it until we were on the farm one day eating a lamb dinner and both realized that the lambs outside were what we were eating. We didn’t like that. We said, ‘Shall we try going vegetarian?’ he said.

“Now of course, it’s really not difficult at all. You just go down the shops and most places will have great veggie options. It was a joint decision and we never looked back. It was a great thing to do, and it turned out we became part of a vegetarian revolution,” McCartney concluded.

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