Mother Teresa Memorial Award to Priyanka Chopra for Social Justice

mother teresa memorial award

In the recent turmoil of events, Priyanka Chopra has been given Mother Teresa Memorial Award for her immense contribution towards social causes. She was recently invited by prestigious Harmony foundation to collect the award.

In the past, Angelina Jolie happened to be the first actress who decided to take up the burning issue of fighting for the rights of Refugees and other such immigrants. She became the goodwill Ambassador of UNHCR.

mother teresa memorial award
mother teresa memorial award | Image Credit: Chicago Tribune


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But now, the famous Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has snatched the title from her to become the new and emerging UNICEF Ambassador. As you know, the flamboyant actress has been active towards serving minorities and other social causes for long; she has also been praised on earlier occasions too for her immense contribution in this regard.

After the actress took up the issue to fight for the rights of refugees, she was not only spotted for the great cause but also considered for the prestigious felicitation. However, the actress was not present (in person) to receive the award, her mother Madhu Chopra had to collect it on her behalf.

Take a look at how her mother expressed her sentiments before the audience right after receiving the award “I feel overwhelmed to receive the award. I feel my immense pleasure to have such a child like her who is compassionate enough with loads of kindness. As she herself exemplifies it and says the more you give, the more you receive.

“I still remember that she truly influenced by Mother Teresa when she was just a child. At that time, she was supporting someone by the name Prem Niwas in Bareilly”. This is what Madhu Chopra had to say in her statement”.


mother teresa memorial award
mother teresa memorial award | Image Credit:


At present, Madhu is also taking care of her own production banner by the name- “Purple Pebbles Production” along with her daughter.

This is what she further adds to her comment “I strongly feel that my daughter is humbled and her efforts has led to something special in her life, as she has been recognized by the respective foundation as they believe to help the under privileged and needy.

At the same time, they are also concerned to support the deprived and needy and also looking to raise funds in this regard, especially for the impoverished. At present, the Quantico 2 actress is shooting in the US and will soon fly to back to Mumbai.


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Why Mother Teresa Memorial award are given?

The Mother Teresa memorial award is given  to felicitate both organizations and individuals that become the cause for promoting equality, peace and social justice.

Such recognition aim to basically encourage the very cause of peaceful coexistence and social justice, and serving the society with a feeling of kindness.

It’s also to provide a impetus to the society to basically imbibe such values. These awards are given in honor of Saint Mother Teresa.


mother teresa memorial award
mother teresa memorial award | Image Credit: YouTube


Mother Teresa Memorial awards (in general) are given either annually or biannually. The felicitations for the first time were started by Harmony Foundation. It has now become a well known organization that was founded by none other than Abraham Mathai from Mumbai.

This is the only recognition given to the recipients and is recognized by Missionaries of Charity.


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