Ongoing Demonetization Drive Affecting the Bollywood Box Office Business?

box office business
Force 2 Box Office Business | Image Credit: YouTube

After the movie ‘Rock On 2’ released, there were lots of expectations from the box office. But the film couldn’t perform well and this impacted the box office business.

As per the filmmakers of Rock On 2, the film had to suffer a lot due to the ongoing cash crunch which has been going on for almost 2 weeks now.

There is hardly any improvements that one can see like a long queue in the bank’s cash counters.

As per PM, the present demonetization drive will take some more time to come to normalcy.

However, if we link this demonetization drive to the box office business, then it’s really impacting the overall performance of the film. As per the market, it seems that Bollywood still has to face the jitters for sometime now.

Rock On 2, released last Friday, suffered a lot. As per the box office business, the movie could only manage to collect a sum of over Rs. 2 Crores.

The collections could only surge up to Rs. 7 Crore in the opening weekend. This is the time when a film gets the maximum collection at the box office.

But Rock On 2 suffered a lot on its first week itself. However, there are different views pouring in to support the poor performance of the film at the box office.

Filmmakers are ready to suffer their box office business for a good cause

As you know nobody would like to watch a film without having enough cash in his pocket.

And with the present set of circumstances, even filmmakers don’t expect people to come to theaters and watch a film.

Instead, they should first exchange their money to meet their own household tasks. Now, at this time, two films are ready to launch to the big screen.

So, do you think the makers would like to release it or considering the fact that it will not affect the box office business?

Well, ‘Tum Bin 2’ and ‘Force 2’ release is uncertain awaiting their rendezvous with the respective audiences.

However, the makers are not willing to delay the screening and therefore are not in favor of change their release dates.

‘Tum Bin 2’ director says that his movie is not doing well in terms of box office business.

He says that I don’t believe to postpone a film due to the decision taken by our PM.

He further said that we have already covered the cost of the film by selling the music, digital and satellite rights. So, we don’t think to have affected much.