Next FF Advance Server Start Date With Steps to Generate Free Fire Activation Code

FF Advance Server

Free Fire players must feel relaxed to know that next Free Fire patch update is set to arrive from January 11, 2023 onward. It’s because the CS-Ranked Season 16 is also set to culminate on the same date.

Looking at the last release date of OB38 update, players can expect the next release date of the next Advance Server just a week or two before the roll out of the actual patch.

You also need to know that Garena would pick either the last week of December 2022 or the first week of January 2023 so as to launch the most awaiting OB38 Advance Server.

Although, there is no official announcement made in this regard, it is expected to happen directly on the website of the Advance Server before the actual release date of the program.


Free Fire OB38 Advance Server: How to Register for Test program to Grab Your Activation Code




Well, there is no confusion regarding the release of Advance Server. It’s because Garena itself confirms the same.

All it happens is when Garena confirms the Advance Server release date on the test program’s portal.

It now looks that players would be able to get their registration for Free Fire OB38 Advance Server and grab their respective Activation Code for the program’s APK client.

If you are not sure the relevance of Activation Code, we just let you know. As the name suggests, it just a key to make access the Advance Server after you successfully install your APK file.

Please note that this code is unque and can be used only once. This is why players need to be informed not to share their FF Activation Code after they receive it via Advance Server registration.

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If you are not sure how to go ahead with the Advance Server (OB38) registration and also to claim your Free Fire Activation Code, please adhere to the following points given:

Step 1: First, try to visit the direct link ( which will rdirect you to the official web portal of the Advance Server.

Currently, the servers of the website is set to be down. In such a case, players accessing the website are likely yo get a “Forbidden” pop-up. Still, they can make things happen in their favor by visiting the direct link a few days before the launch of the Free Fire Advance Server.

Step 2: Once you reach the official website, you will be given 2 options to login. One is Google and the other is Facebook. Simply, select the right platform which is linked to your Free Fire or Free Fire MAX game account.

In case, you still don’t have a gaming account linked to your Gmail or FB account, you need to create one before you visit the Advance Server website.

Otherwise, you are also free to simply bind your your guest account to a new Gmail ID or FB. It means Google or Facebook ID should not be attached to any other FF MAX game account.

Step 3: Time to enter your email ID. After that click on “Join Now!” button to help you redirect to download page. This is where you can have your Activation Code and APK link.

After you are able to register successfully, you can open download page directly after logging in.

Step 4: To proceed ahead, simply use the link to download your APK and don’t forget to copy your Activation Code.

In case, if it happens that the web portal is not showing up any code, you can return back and sign in after some time. You can also install the app and use the code to access your OB38 Advance Server.



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