PN Kiara’s Free Fire MAX ID, Stats, Headshots, & YouTube Earnings In October 2022


Do you know who’s PN Kiara? She’s one of the promising gaming creator who regularly posts Garena Free Fire related content.

In her primary YouTube channel, she focusses to post livestreams which is related to the battle royale title. While she regularly posts such content, huge number of her followers enjoy watching her play the title.

If you look at her subscribers on YouTube, you will be shocked. At present, she has a total of 356 thousand subscribers on YouTube. She has yet another channel with a good number od subscribers as well. 


PN Kiara’s Free Fire MAX ID & Stats

Free Fire MAX ID of PN Kiara is 937351111. Her IGN in the game is “PN KIARA.” Not only that she’s also a part of the Pro Nation guild with ID 71272100.

As per an update published in Sportskeeda, the live streamer has found a place in BR-Ranked and Grandmaster in CS-Ranked (Clash Squad). Find below some of her stats:


BR CareerCurrently, PN Kiara is known to have featured in ver 5500 games in Free Fire MAX along with over 300 victories. Looking at the above, her victory rate has been up to 5.64%.

In addition to the above , she has also registered up to 8,820 eliminations and 1,926 shots to the head. Her K/D ratio of 1.59 and headshot percentage of 21.84%.

If you look in some of the duo games, the YouTuber has remained unbeaten in 265 of the 3,420 appearances. The above translates a victory rate of 7.74%.

She also has a record of K/D ratio of 1.82 along with a headshot percentage of 20.93%.


BR Ranked

PN Kiara has so far played 2 solo matches in Free Fire MAX’s current season. But she couldn’t win either of them.

As per her performance till date, she has 6 kills and 4 headshots. This has given her a D ratio of 3.00 along with 66.67% headshot percentage.


CS Career

If we have to talk about her Clash Squad games, the YouTuber has so far played up to 6500 Clash Squad games. Out of them, she managed to win 3,913 times.

With that she maintains a victory percentage of 60.26%. She also has 26,145 kills and 10,919 headshots.


Note:  Kiara’s  Free Fire MAX’s stats were recorded at the time of writing (October 31, 2022). They may change as she plays more matches.


PN Kiara’s YouTube Earning

PN Kiara’s monthly YouTube earnings is between $337 and $5.4K. Her estimated annual income remains between $4K and $64.7K.


YouTube channel

Kiara has been an active Free Fire YouTuber for the last one year. Her oldest video dates September 2021.

Her current uploads include 322 videos. Her highest watched video has gained up to 900 thousand views. In the last 30 days, she has gained up to 14, 000 subscribers alone.