Free Fire Advance Server: When OB38 APK Expected to Release

ff Advance Server

Free Fire has become a game changer in the online gaming world. With every update to the battle royale title brings several features that help players remain engaged.

Before players could grab the latest release of each update, Garena is known to publish a test server which is known as Advance Server.

It is therefore up to the gamers to properly test any upcoming updates and provide their feedback. In addition to this, they can also report any bugs and can even win diamonds.

As per the recent announcement, the upcoming update, also known as OB38 version is just a few months away and is expected to be available from January 2023 onward. Find some other details in the forthcoming sections of this document.


What is the expected release date for Free Fire OB38 Advance Server

ff advance server


Advance Servers are more likely to be made available to players 2 weeks prior to the official update. As it looks that Free Fire OB38 update will be live on or before January 11, 2022, the Advance Server is likely to be made available either in the last week of December or in January 2023.

As far as registration process is concerned, it’s expected to commence only a few days prior to the client’s release.

As of now, the above date simply gives an insight of the update to be delivered after Clash Squad season gets concluded. Please note that Season 16 is expected to conclude on January 11, 2022.

Free Fire

Also, it is being said that the access to the client is being limited. This will make players to register in advance to grab their Activation Codes which is known to be compulsory for accessing the client.


How to register for Free Fire Advance Server

In order to register for the Free Fire Advance Server, please adhere to the following steps:

Step 1: First, you need to visit the official Advance Server website ( by opening a web browser.

Players won’t be able to access the website currently which will be accessible right before the launch of the server.


Step 2: After you visit the web portal, you are free to use any of the two login credentials, either using Google or Facebook


ff advanced server


Step 3: Once you follow the above two steps, you will be redirected to fill a form where you need to enter you email address. Next, hit the “Confirm” button and complete your registration.

As soon as you complete your registration, you will be given an Activation Code which you can make use to sign in the Advance Server.

Please be aware that developers have still not officially announced the OB38 update release date or its Advance Server. However, the dates given in this document is based by following preious trends.


Disclaimer: Free Fire is banned in India and so, players are advised to stay away from playing the battle royale title on their respective devices.

They can still continue enjoying MAX variant as it doesn’t fall under suspended apps.