Nawab Malik Reacts To NCB SIT Taking Aryan Khan’s Case From Sameer Wankhede

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After the recent storm made in the Aryan Khan case by Nawab Malik, as many as 6 cases have now been sent to the NCB SIT. It means that all these cases that were to be investigated by Mumbai zone will now be investigated by Delhi NCB teams.


Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) today announced that they will now investigate all 6 cases including that of Aryan Khan that were being earlier investigated by the NCB’s zonal head Sameer Wankhese. All these cases have now been transferred to agency’s central team.

Now, as soon as the update came, Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik wa quick to hit back. He stated that it was just the beginning and a lot more is to be done to ‘clean the system.”

On one hand, Nawab Malik says that all this has been done because of him. On the other hand, Sameer Wankhede has stated that it was due to his insistence that the current investigation has been moved to the central agency’s team.

The central team will not only investigate the cruise ship case but also investigate the case involving Nawab Malik’s son-in-law Sameer Khan. To be precise, all these cases have now been moved to the NCB’s central SIT.


Other cases include Kashmir drug case, Iqbal Kaskar, Armaan Kohli and one other such case.

Soon after the update came, the NCP leader took to his Twitter handle and posted that there are a total of 26 cases that are need to be probed.



However, as per NCB, there are as many as 5 cases that have a direct impact on the country. Also, these cases have international connections as well.

At this time, a central team headed by SK Singh will probe the case. A full fledged Delhi NCB team is also moving to Mumbai tomorrow.

NCB Puts Sameer Wankhede’s Investigations Under Review

As per the latest update coming from NCB on Friday, a total of 6 cases pertaining to Mumbai zone will now be investigated by a central NCB team. These cases include the recent case of Aryan Khan that became the reason for all the unnecessary storm.

Deputy DG, South-Western Region NCB Mutha Ashok Jain stated that it was an ‘an administrative decision’ taken to probe these cases. This comes after a petition filed by Sameer Wankhede before the Bombay High Court.

In his petition, Wankhede stated that a central vigilance team needs to be created to investigate all these cases including that of Sameer Khan and Aryan Khan, especially when Nawab Malik made various allegations against Wankhede along with the working of NCB.

Another development in the case is that Sameer Wankhede has completely denied all allegations levelled against him. But he has not received any kind of relief from the court as of now. As per the NCB, they are currently investigating on the allegations made by Nawab Malik on Wankhede.

Earlier, a team of Delhi NCB headed to Mumbai to record the statement of Wankhede and remaining people.


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