Manoj Bajpayee Says He Has No Right to Complain About His Own lockdown Problems

manoj bajpayee

Manoj Bajpayee is one of the most sensitive Bollywood actors. This came to notice when he became emotional on the poor condition of migrant workers who were badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Moved by their pathetic condition, the actor decided to pen down his own thoughts about the condition of migrant workers who basically earn their living on a daily basis.

Ever since Manoj Bajpayee noticed the disgraceful conditions of migrant workers travelling to distant places due to the loss of work, he could not resist his emotions and decided to post some of his thoughts via his Instagram account.


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बाबा का कंधा बाबा की मस्ती अब तो चला बस्ती बस्ती आँगन में लोटा पोछा मैं पोटा अब सोया सोया बक्से पे मैं नींदी रानी बड़ी सयानी खटर खटर पटर पटर नगर छूटा शहर छूटा मस्ती छूटी सपने टूटे यार छूटे छूटी मस्ती छूटा कंधा बक्से का ताला बाबा का सीना नगर नगर डगर डगर नींदी रानी सपना दे दो बक्से को अब छूटने ना दो बक्से का कंधा उड़ता परिंदा नींदी रानी बड़ी सयानी!! #lockdownthoughts

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This is what the vibrant actor posted, “There is nothing to explain about the situation of migrants. It’s all explained in the visuals you see. I can’t add anything to it. I can only say that when I go through social media, (I see that) each and everyone is quite troubled, and the visuals and reports they see and hear, are heart-wrenching. That’s a thought that came to my mind. Don’t take what I wrote seriously though, I just love poetry, it is amateurish writing. I just tried to explain what I am thinking.”

In his thoughts, Bajpayee expressed his thoughts that say that who so ever happens to be in a better position as compared to all those migrant workers should have nothing to complain about.


This is what he further stated through his post, “When I see those visuals of migrants on the road, with little children and crying women, I feel that I don’t have the right to complain about anything. I just feel small talking about my lockdown problems. I will leave it at that,” he added.

Bajpayee is currently stuck in the Uttrakhand region for over 2 months now. But now, he has found some ways out to handle this awkward situation. He along with his wife and daughter has actually decided to trek the mountains for the time being which a great fun is indeed.

The actor later recalls about the time when they arrived in Uttrakhand but didn’t know that they had to wait for such a long period over there.

This is what he shares, “There is a time limit on roaming around. We have to be back by 7 in the evening. Earlier, we would trek on nearby mountains, but you can’t keep doing that for two months. Then there is the pending homework of my daughter, scripts coming in that I read. You watch some new stuff… that’s how life goes. Ava also rescued six puppies, so we got busy with finding homes for them. They all got adopted, and these are the little victories and targets one tries to achieve in this lockdown.”


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