Maika Monroe Says “For the first time, I Truly Got to Embrace Discomfort

Maika Monroe

Maika Monroe has recently oped up regarding her upcoming film titled ‘Longlegs’.


Who’s Maika Monroe?

Maika Monroe, an American actress and professional kiteboarder, who made her film debut in the drama “At Any Price” (2012).

Since then, the actress appeared in a plethora of notable roles including the thriller “The Guest” (2014), psychological thrillers “Greta” (2018) and “Watcher” (2022), and the horror film “Longlegs” (2024).

The actress gained prominence as a scream queen with her breakthrough role in the cult horror film “It Follows” (2014).


Maika Monroe Says “For the first time, I Truly Got to Embrace Discomfort

As per an update, PVRINOX Pictures is going to debut the gripping mystery “Longlegs” in theaters on July 12th.

Starring a stellar ensemble including Dakota Daulby, Michelle Choi-Lee, Alicia Witt, Kiernan Shipka, Blair Underwood, Maika Monroe, and Nicholas Cage, audiences can expect a thrilling experience that challenges their perceptions in the entire film.

In “Longlegs,” Maika Monroe takes on the role of Lee Harker, a dedicated FBI agent committed to unraveling a gripping mystery.

The thrilling cat-and-mouse pursuit between Lee and the antagonist keeps audiences captivated, eagerly awaiting each new twist and turn that keeps them on the edge of their seats. Further, Nicolas Cage is known to make a surprising return to the big screen in “Longlegs.”

Maika Monroe recounted her first encounter with Nicholas Cage’s character, saying, “On horror sets, people often ask if it’s spooky or scary. It was actually this time! You see all the tricks—the fake blood—but for the first time, I genuinely felt scared, nervous, uncomfortable, and even hesitant to open that door, uncertain of what I might find. I knew Cage spent hours in hair and makeup, but I had no idea what to expect! It was an unforgettable and unreal experience.” She said.


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