Will there be a Locke and Key Season 2? Find Netflix Release Date & More

Locke and key season 2

If you have still not watched Locke and Key show, then you need to watch it once as it’s one of the most anticipated supernatural horror web series.

Right from the time it was launched for the first time by Netflix on February 7, 2020, it managed to create ripples across the audience’s mind and souls.

Locke and Key is based on the comic book by the same name by Gabriel Rodríguez and Joe Hill. After seeing the positive response from the audience, Netflix decided to renew the show for the second season on March 30, 2020. As it looked obvious, the show promised a lot more demons, keys and aloha!



After the first season of Locke and Key aired on Netflix, it gained mixed reviews. At the same time, the show also received loads of applauds from the critics. After some time, it was predicted that the show has all the qualities to become one of the best supernatural horror shows.

After the Netflix has renewed the second season of ‘Locke and Key’, fans simply want to know when it’s arriving on Netflix. Please take a look below to find all the detail of ‘Locke and Key’ season 2:


Locke and Key season 2 plot

Let’s take a look into the show’s detail. It basically revolves around a Locke family who once decides to change the location of his residence. Soon he decides to shift from Seattle to Massachusetts.

He makes plan in advance to reside at a different place after the murder of Rendell Locke. After this, the three locke children along with their mother move to the Keyhouse (Rendell’s family home).

After the children enter the house they find a plethora of keys that allow various magical doors to open. With that, they come to know that an evil force is out there that want all the access to the keys for its own purposes.


Locke and Key season 2 Cast

Take a look below to find Locke and Key season 2 cast:

  • Darby Stanchfield (Nina Locke)- Locke family ancestor
  • Emilia Jones (Kinsey Locke)- Only daughter and the middle child of the Locke family
  • Connor Jessup (Tyler Locke)-Locke family’s eldest son
  • Griffin Gluck (Gabe)- A new student joins the Matheson Academy. He’s also the love interest of Kinsey
  • Petrice Jones (Scot Cavendish)- Serving as the love interest of Kinsey’
  • Jackson Robert Scott (Bode Locke)- Locke family’s youngest son
  • Laysla De Oliveira (Echo/Dodge)- Well lady of Keyhouse acting as a demon
  • Others include Coby Bird, Bill Heck, Jesse Camacho, Steven Williams, Eric Graise, Thomas Mitchell Barnet, Hallea Jones, Genevieve Kang, Kevin Alves and others


Production Status

The filming of the show has already been started from August 17, 2020 and will end on February 15, 2021. But the Covid-19 pandemic helped makers to postpone the Locke and Key production. It again started from September 21, 20220.

Fans must rejoice by now as the crew is busy to complete the shooting part. They are expected to wrap up the production from March 5, 2021.


Will Locke and Key Season 2 Release in 2021?

It’s the biggest reason why most this show is going to feature on Netflix. While Locke and Key season 2 release date is concerned, the makers still need to announce it very soon.

In the meanwhile, those who have still not watched the show, they can simply like to go ahead to watch Locke and Key Season 1 on Netflix.




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