Latest Tubelight Poster Launched- Salman Khan Looks Too Innocent


Take a look at the Tubelight poster, newly launched by the makers. It’s giving an entirely new look, as Salman Khan blushes in his new avatar. Well, the poster shows the superstar Salman’s new look, but it’s the war that should be taken into account.

The new look of Tubelight poster reveals Salman, wearing a check shirt in blue-white combination with buttoned-up. He’s also wearing a half-sleeved gray colored sweater as well. The actor is living hundreds of miles away from home and caught in an awkward situation.

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The story and screenplay of the film is awesome and that’s the reason why Kabir Khan has again selected Salman Khan in the lead role. As you can have a glimpse of Salman’s previous performances in films, whether it’s Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi (Bajrangi Bhaijan) or Sultan Ali Khan (Sultan), Sallu can always be spot playing an innocent who’s always surrounded with strange life situations. As he has done a variety of characters, it seems the audience wants him continue performing like that.

tubelight poster
tubelight poster | Image Credit: YouTube

In the present Kabir Khan’s Tubelight, the actor gets caught in the middle of great Indo-China war that happened in the year 1962. Well, this is what looks evident from the poster. In the meanwhile, the makers have announced the official release date of the film.

Tubelight Poster reveals Salman Khan in a totally new avatar

The Tubelight poster says a lot provided you intend to take your inclination off Sallu’s innocent face. Well, if you succeed in doing so, you can well spot a war already in progress, witnessing huge war scenes of carnage and dreaded bombs going off screens.

tubelight poster
tubelight poster | Image Credit: YouTube

By digging in more into the Tubelight poster, you can very well spot none other than Sohail Khan rushing deep into the enemy with a kind of armament in his hands. Well, by considering all this, it looks as the film is going to be much bloodier than it actually looks. Also, we don’t find Salman Khan films on the same pattern, but this one will prove bit different.

Salman, who shared the poster tweeted- “Peace, Love, Respect and Light in your life from Tubelight team”. Well, everything else remains the same including the tagline of the poster that says “kya tumhe yakeen hai”.

As far as the script of the movie is concerned, that seems a close secret, the buzz is that Salman Khan will be playing the character of a specially abled person that looks evident by considering the title of the film -Tubelight. The film will cast Zhu Zhu, who’s a Chinese actress and will feature opposite Salman. The shooting of the film has been done in Manali and Ladakh.

tubelight poster
tubelight poster | Image Credit: YouTube

Last but not the least, Sallu will be seen surrounded with children again like in his last two movies. The latest one being Bajrangi Bhaijaan. As per the industry insiders, the first teaser of the film displayed a huge list of children from the actor’s Galaxy Apartment.

The trailer of the film is not released and is expected to launch by the next month or later this month. Tubelight will be released on the occasion of Eid, this year and has been speculated to become the biggest hit of the year.



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