Latest Bollywood News May 19- Katrina Kaif Wants Salman Khan to Win National Award for Bharat

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Latest Bollywood News May 19 As per the latest Bollywood news May 19, Bollywood actress Katrima Kaif recently opened up and has come up in the middle with a strong desire.

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All she wants at the moment is to win a National Award for his upcoming movie Bharat. Please know that Kaif is playing the lead role opposite Salman Khan in Bharat which is scheduled for release on Eid 2019.

Talking about the fans, we have seen a huge excitement across fans for the movie. This is because they always like Salman Khan to act and eagerly await for all his films. This time, they have already waited for long to watch is next movie which is going to be released on Eid 2019.


Movie Name:                              Bharat
Genre:                                            Action, Drama
Released Date:                           Eid, 2019
Directed By:                                Ali Abbas Zafar
Producer:                                    Salman Khan
Casts:                                              Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif


Bharat is one of the most awaiting films in 2019. The schedule of this Salman Khan starrer was already fixed. In the recent past, both Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif looked busy launching the music of their film.

Talking about Katrina Kaif, the dashing actress looks all geared up to play a pretty interesting character in the movie.

Latest Bollywood News May 19- Both Salman and Katrina have great hopes for Bharat

It will look quite interesting how various situations and circumstances come along and the plot develops. At the same time, we also have to see how both Salman and Katrina meet each other in the movie and their love story steadily graduates.

Both Salman and Katrina recently spotted at the time of the audio launch for the film titled Zinda.

This was the moment when he was asked to explain the kind of chemistry that he has with Katrina in the movie Bharat. To this, he replied that he is looking forward that Katrina Kaif is going to win a National Award for her role in Bharat.

katrina kaif

Katrina also opened up a little and presented her views as well. She said making the film Bharat has been a long journey for each and every other individual who has been a part of the movie.

Above and all, each and every person who has been a part of Bharat directly or indirectly has put all his energy and heart against their hard work.

Salman Khan himself had to take care of each and everything that was all related with the working for the big project. In fact, he is the one who has been a part of all the positive and negative aspects of those working for the project. Along with that, you can expect how hard he might have worked for Bharat.

Katrina further said “I guess, the final test for the film will be at the time when it gets released. Well, it is the test for each and every other Bollywood movie that gets released at the box office. In the present situation, audience is going to decide about the fate of this film.


Katrina Kaif- The fate of the film depends on the audience

However, from all of us, we have worked so hard to produce the best content that I’m sure that all the fans and the rest of the audience will love for it.”

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These days, the audience has gone smarter and way too intelligent. They will make sure the right amount of stuff is involved to make them feel entertained.

However, even when so many things affect the business of a movie, there are certain other factors that we often ignore but are otherwise, crucial to include.

This is the reason why you might have witnessed the audience willing to accept only those things or movies that make a sense to them.


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