Kit Harington Spotted Kissing Gemma Chan On Eternals Set


As per the new updates, Game of Throne’s starrer Kit Harington recently shared a great union with Gemma Chan where both of them looked great while kissing each other. Well, before you make up your mind to something else, we would like to tell you that it all happened on the sets of Marvel’s Eternal.

It all happened when The Game of Throne’s most favourite star was looking great and excited to shoot new and enhancing pictures on the streets of London.

There were so many pictures clicked. In one of those pictures, you can all find them not only kissing each other but also locking their lips. At the same time, another picture showed them hugging each other and giving a marvellous pose.



What these pictures are telling? Well, by looking at all those pictures, you can see that all those pictures were taken to confirm the romance of their characters.



Well, for now, we can’t say what the kiss shown in the picture really means for the rest of the Eternals gang.

Both Sersi and Dane Whitman (aka Black Knight) happen to be a great pair of the Marvel’s Comics.



Taking the character of Gemma, she will be playing the character of Sersi the ‘humankind lover in her upcoming movie who is going to have a kind of peculiar relation with kit’s character titled Dane.

Currently, ‘Marvel Studios’ The Eternal is going to feature highly engrossing team of Super Heroes in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), ancient aliens.

These aliens are quite specific but peculiar as they continue to live on the planet Earth for thousands of years.




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