Kanye West sneakers Make A World Record od USD 1.8 Million in Private Auction

kanye west sneakers

Kanye West sneakers: The Kanye West sneakers has recently sent his athetotic shoes that have been sold in an auction for $1.8 million. It’s a new world record made for a pair of sneakers. And this is what Sotheby announced on April 26, 2021.

Kanye West happens to be an American rapper. His shoe samples were found prototypes for which a specific line was initiated by West and Mark Smith Smith representing a well known brand.

These came to the surface during West’s performance at the time of prestigious Grammy awards held in 2008. Now, you might be thinking about the buyer. Well. he’s none other than RARES. It’s also known to be the highest paying sneaker investing platform.

As the mission to sell a pair of sneakers started, it simply disgraced the current auction record for sneaker. It soon became a world record while shattering the current auction record at a whopping price of $560,000

Also, the The black leather, size 12 shoes were put up for sale at Sotheby’s by New York collector Ryan Chang. Please note that West basically wore hem wearing them mainly for the emotional performances of Stronger and Hey Mama during Grammy awards in 2008.

This is what Brahm Wachter, who is the Sotheby’s head of modern collection and streetwear has to say, “The sale speaks volumes of Kanye’s legacy as one of the most influential clothing and sneaker designers of our time.”


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