Kangana Ranaut Latest News On Rangoon- Says She Never Gives Up and Moves On

kangana ranaut latest news

Let’s have a look at Kangana Ranaut latest news. As you must be aware that her recent film Rangoon couldn’t do much at the box office, lots of questions are being raised now.

This is because the film has entered into the category of flops. But the actress doesn’t look disheartened and says she’s not afraid of losing any longer but tries to move on.

Rangoon happens to be the latest release of Kangana Ranaut but it failed miserably at the box office.

This happened in spite of having lots of expectations from the film, but nothing worked and the film flopped on the opening day itself. Reacting to the news, the Bollywood queen says she always believes moving on and at the same time, doesn’t fear from failures.

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Kangana is a versatile actress who has proved her craft in the past. Nobody can forget about the performances she has given in movies like “Tanu Weds Manu Returns” and “Queen”.

As per Kangana Ranaut latest news, the Bollywood queen was spotted presenting her views on her recent flop Rangoon. She says that she always believes to move on by learning from her failures and if you don’t learn from your failures and move on, you will get stuck and lose out. Also, as a performer, you should know the tricks that are working for you.

She further says that it’s not possible that you always succeed whatever you do. At times, you also encounter with failures too.

kangana ranaut latest news
kangana ranaut latest news | Image Credit: YouTube

Speaking on how it feels when any of her films flops, the sizzling actress says she drives all her strength from inside her. It helps she doesn’t want to rely on people around and then expecting them to provide confrontation.

She says that I have a strong inner side that provides me an ample amount of energy to stay bold and firm. It eventually helps me immensely to take my decisions.

kangana ranaut latest news- The Bollywood queen knows how to deal with it

Kangana while putting forth all the facts also feels people don’t want to come out from the shell of their comfort zone and behave abruptly.

At the same time, they misunderstand her introvert nature. As per Kangana Ranaut latest news, she prefers staying away from equations that are not going to work in my life as it’s going to be a waste of time.

The actress is now looking forward for her upcoming film which is going to be a comedy. She will be featured doing the character of a Gujarati NRI girl.