Jonathan Majors Receives One Year Domestic-Violence Counseling Instead of Jail Time for His Assault Case

Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors is a renowned Hollywood star but currently facing backlash in a domestic violence case. This is not only giving him bad fame but also has derailed his career.

The latest is that Jonathan Majors has avoided jail term and will face one year domestic-violence counselling. It all happened after he was found guilty assaulting his former girlfriend.

Although, Majors had sentenced up to 1 year jail term, his sentence was reduced to counselling by the attorney’s office of the Manhattan district.


Jonathan Majors Receives One Year Domestic-Violence Counseling Instead of Jail Time for His Assault Case

Majors happens to be the star of Creed III and has enacted in a lot many other films as well. He is now facing up to one year jail term after assaulting his girlfriend. He was recently convicted by a Manhattan jury.

The court proceeding started on Monday when Judge Michael Gaffey didn’t hesitate to sentence him conditional discharge. It happened after both sides simply agreed that charges upon him never warrent jail term. The judge also gave him leverage after learning that he was a first time offender having no prior criminal record.

As per the verdict from the court, Majors now has to complete 52-week including Los Angeles intervention program. He will also go through the mental health therapy. At the same time, Majors would have to face jail term if he’s found to violate the terms set for him by the court. The terms also include a no contact order with Grace Jabbari, his former girlfriend.

Earlier, Majors appeared in the court with his actor girlfriend Meagan Good. He chose not to speak in front of the court while leaving.

Priya Chaudhry, who’s the lawyer of Majors clarified that the actor didn’t want to create a mess by making a public statement. Also, this could go against her as Jabbari could easily use against him in the court.

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