Jiah Khan Suicide Revelation- Trial Proceedings Against Sooraj Pancholi to Proceed

Jiah Khan suicide

The Jiah Khan suicide case is revived again by the Bombay High court as it has directed a lower court to start with the criminal proceedings (trail) against Sooraj Pancholi. Sooraj is named as an accused and is the son of the actor Aditya Pancholi.

Sooraj is the main accused who has been found abetting the suicide of actress and girlfriend Jiah Khan in the year 2013.

Jiah Khan suicide
Jiah Khan suicide | Image Credit: YouTube

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Rabia Khan who is the mother of late Jiah Khan had filed a case earlier in the court seeking justice. In order to get the proper investigation done in the matter, Rabia advocated the appointment of Dinesh Tiwari who is the senior lawyer to become the special public prosecutor in this matter.

Rabia Khan, in her petition, claimed that she did not want the prosecuting agency CBI’s counsel to conduct the trial on behalf of the prosecution as she did not agree with the CBI’s conclusion that Ms Khan had committed suicide.

Rabia Khan has been claiming that Ms Khan was murdered by Sooraj. She recently forwarded her petition in the court and demanded that she is no more willing to continue with the CBI’s council to keep conducting the trial any longer as she is not satisfied with the conclusion that has ruled out any foul play in this matter.

The CBI earlier submitted its review that stated that Jiah Khan in fact committed suicide and no one is responsible for her untimely demise.

Jiah Khan Suicide Case to Start Trials Against Sooraj Pancholi

On the contrary, Rabia has been claiming that Khan was in fact, murdered by no one else except Sooraj Pancholi.

The Bombay HC originally posted Rabia’s petition on coming Setember 11 and stated “We would like to make it clear that criminal proceedings in this case has not been stayed as yet. The trail (at this point of time) can well go against the accused.

Jiah Khan suicide
Jiah Khan suicide | Image Credit: The Indian Express

Jiah Khan suicide broke all the headlines on June 3, 2013 when the latter chose to end her life. Soon after the suicide, Sooraj Pancholi (Jiah’s boyfriend) was arrested for abetting her suicide on the night of June 10, 2013. However, he was released on July 2, 2013 after he was given bail from the court.

It always remained a high profile case that was transferred to CBI by the Bombay High Court in the year 2014. The reason why it got transferred to the CBI was because of the petition filed by Rabia Khan alleging that the police was not doing enough in the sensational Jiah Khan murder case.

Jiah Khan suicide
Jiah Khan suicide | Image Credit: NDTV.com

Rabia filed a different petition in the court demanding an SIT (special Investigating team) to look into the matter afresh. All this happened when CBI Completed its investigation and filed a fresh charge sheet and finally booked Sooraj on abetment charges

Well, from the very beginning, Rabia maintained her stance that Jiah can’t do suicide and that’s why it happened to be the case of homicide, and not the suicide. She was always against the detective agency’s concurrence of findings and therefore demanded the appointment of Dinesh Tiwari (advocate) who initially appeared as the special prosecutor in this case earlier.