How to Get Color Codes, Signature & More In Free Fire Max


Free Fire Max is counted as a multiplayer battle royale mobile game, developed by 111dots Studios and Garena.

Although, you need to have some technical skills to play Free Fire game, you also have to have a perfect game setting. It’s because if you have a smooth and clear game plan, it will help you rank quickly.

It’s therefore crucial to have an impressive profile on Free Fire Max as it directly reflects your proficiency and skills in the game.

In order to be an impressive player, you need to have an impressive profile on Free Fire Max. You can make the one by using some intriguing words and a few elements like color, italic and bold to make your bio look impressive.


How to Create A Vibrant Signature In Free Fire Max

In Free Fire, all players are given a facility to customize their bio with all the available text colors.

When you play Free Fire Max, the game gives you an opportunity to customize in-game bio with a plethora of text colors that can very well serve as an impressive way to accentuate your profile.

While playing Free Fire Max, you have some in-built options to change text color which have their own significance and meaning. For example, black color is often used to represent intrigue and mystery while white color is used to represent innocence and purity.

In the same way, red color represents a sense of intensity and passion while blue represents serenity and tranquility.


How to Format Your Signature In Free Fire Max

You can start by simply drafting and planning your FF Max bio in any writing medium like a notebook or elsewhere.

Next, you can explore the kind of colors you wish to use for different parts of your bio, just like you may wish to write your name in red color. To do this, you can use the code FF0000 which will automatically display your name in red.

Take a look at the list of hex codes you can use to grab the color of your choice:

  • Yellow – #FFFF00
  • Aquamarine – #7FFD4
  • Magenta – #FF00FF
  • Orange – #FFA500
  • Green – #008000
  • Aqua: 00FFFF
  • Silver – #C0C0C0
  • Red – #FF0000
  • Maroon: 800000
  • Black – #000000
  • Cyan – #00FFFF
  • Olive – #808000
  • Lime – #00FF00
  • Light Blue – #ADD8E6
  • Blue – #0000FF
  • White – #FFFFFF
  • Dark Blue – #00008B
  • Pink – #FFC0CB
  • Brown – #A52A2A
  • Fuchsia: FF00FF
  • Grey – #808080
  • Purple – #800080                                     


Steps to Change Your Signature In Free Fire Max

Step 1: If you wish to change your signature in FF MAX, you need to first navigate to your profile. Next, you need to select the gear icon which is located right next to your personal name badge.

free fire max


Step 2: Click on your signature box just in the bottom corner. Next, paste and type your new signature text.


ff max

Please be aware that you can create your signature in Free Fire MAX for free but not changing your guild name or IGN, that basically requires diamonds.

In short, you are bound to make any number of modifications without paying any cost.

Please note that after the latest update, user won’t be able to access his colored signature. It will display only the codes.

At the same time, other users will still be able to view while they visit your profile.

Please check out the latest Free Fire MAX redeems codes here.


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