How Ayurveda Cured Prince Charles Affected By COVID-19? Find the Truth

Prince Charles

You might have heard a month back that Britain’s Prince Charles has been tested positive for the dreaded corona virus. But within a month, reports are emerging that he has now been cured.

Commenting on the above reports, the Minister of State for AYUSH and Goa’s MP for Lok Sabha, Shripad Naik has a different story to tell in the media.

Naik says that Charles is doing fine now and has no signs of infection. He has been cured only with the help of homeopathy and Ayurveda treatment though. Tamilrockers

Naik claimed that he received a call from none other than Dr. Issac Mathai who is the owner of an Ayurveda resort in Bangalore by the name SOUKYA Ayurveda.

According to Dr. Mathai, he was successful in treating Prince Charles through homeopathy and Ayurveda. And this is what Naik reciprocated to the media about the working of this system.

A few days back, Hindustan Times also published the news of the successful treatment of Prince Charles and his wife who were tested positive for COVID-19.

This is what Dr Mathai has to say, ““Since Prince Charles is a patient of mine, I won’t be able to talk about him in any public forum. He stayed here some months ago; I met him in London last month, but I cannot disclose what I prescribed to him.” Tamilrockers

Dr. Mathai added that he is quite proficient in treating patients with viral infection who often come up with flu-like symptoms. But as far as COVID-19 patients are concerned, he has not treated any one of them as of now.

In order to reveal the mystery behind this, Indian Express finally approached to the spokesperson for the Prince of Wales, Ella Lynch.

In her response, she made an end to the story by stating, “The Prince of Wales followed the medical advice of the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK and nothing more.”


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