Kanika Kapoor Tests Negative For the Sixth Covid-19 Test

Kanika Kapoor

Ever since Kanika Kapoor returned back from London after meeting with her kids, her life has been nothing more like a hell. It’s just because of the fact that the singer was tested positive for the COVID-19.

Soon after returning from London, she flew to Lucknow and many other places to take part in a few parties attended by many eminent personalities from the country.

But after getting the flu like symptoms along with fever, she was tested positive for the Corona virus that has divested a few countries like the US and Italy.

After testing positive, Kanika was admitted to the SGPGIMS Lucknow where she is still under the treatment. Tamilrockers

For the last five times, the singer has been tested positive for the corona virus.

Looking at her condition, her family members looked keen to fly her to AIIMS in Delhi for the better treatment options.

But now, it seems that everything is going to settle down for sure after the singer has been tested negative for COVID-19 in her sixth test.

As per the doctors treating her, the singer has to stay back in the hospital until she gets fully recovered.

Soon after returning from a foreign trip, Kanika had to face a lot of backlash on various social media channels for her irresponsible behaviour where she attended back to back parties in spite of carrying the virus with her.

She was even booked for all the negligence by the UP police as well. On the other hand, Kanika also complained the hospital authorities for treating her like a criminal.

After her allegations, the hospital was quick to post a statement that stated that the singer is not behaving like a patient but throwing tantrums of a star.

In her latest post on the Instagram, Kanika has rubbished all the rumours that say she’s in the ICU. Kanika finally asserted that she’s all fine. Tamilrockers

This is what she posted, “Going off to bed. Sending you all loving vibes. Stay safe you guys. Thank you for your concern but I am not in the ICU. I am fine. I hope my next test is negative,” She posted.


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