Gehana Vasisth Slams Sherlyn Chopra for Making Personal Remarks On Shilpa Shetty

sherlyn chopra

Gehana Vasisth says it’s Raj Kundra who helped her immensely in creating her identity. She further stated that whatever she is today is only because of him. She also trolled her for making personal remarks on Shilpa Shetty as well.

As per a news published in Hindustan Times, Gehana Vasisth slammed porn actress Sherlyn Chopra for making unnecessary comments on Shilpa Shetty. She called this a kind of publicity stunt to remain in the news.

The latest update is that Gehana Vasisth is on bail in the same pornography case under which Raj Kundra was earlier arrested. Kundra also received his bail earlier this month.

This is what Gehana stated to a daily news portal, “She has nothing else to do and is only doing this to keep herself in the news. Also, Sherlyn pulled off this stunt so that she does not come across as an accused for making bold content. But now she has started getting personal with Shilpa Shetty, who is not giving any attention to her statement. Shilpa doesn’t even see it as important enough to file a defamation case against her.”

As per Gehna, Sherlyn has made huge money because of Raj Kundra. This way, she should be grateful to him. She said, “whatever she’s today is only because of Raj Kundra.”

The issue was ignited when Sherlyn dragged Kundra for making bold content. Gehna also claimed that it was Sherlyn who was already involved in making even more sleazy content’ since 2012, before she met with Raj.

“All she knows is to strip and now she is mudslinging to be in the news. She also knows that she will get attention only if she speaks against Raj Kundra and that is what she has been doing. She probably felt left out after Raj Kundra came out of jail and people forgot about her, so, she began attacking Shilpa Shetty. Thankfully, for Shilpa, Sherlyn does not exist at all,” Gehna stated.

Sherlyn has long been criticizing Shilpa Shetty for not doing anything for the poor. Instead she’s involved in preaching about Rani Laxmibai on stage and doing ‘sashtang dandvat pranams’.



The actress had earlier given statement to the Mumbai police that she’s totally unaware of Kundra’s business. This is what she had stated in a video, “According to some reports, didi is saying that she was not aware of the nefarious activities of her husband. Didi is also saying that she doesn’t know about the movable and immovable assets of her husband. How true is this statement, you guys can understand yourselves,” Sherlyn said.