Fatima Sheikh: Google Doodle Honours 1st Indian Muslim Woman Teacher On Her 191st Birthday

Fatima Sheikh

On the occasion of her 191st birthday, Google honors Fatima Sheikh with a nicely crafted doodle. Fatima Sheikh continues to be an educator and feminist icon of the country. 



It becomes important when a feminist icon of the country gets a reward from an entity like Google. Fatima Sheikh who’s remembered to be an educator and feminist icon of the country gets all the attention by Google when the company celebrated the occasion with a meticulously-crafted doodle.

Fatima Sheikh is better known as the first Muslim woman teacher of the country. Right from the beginning, she was called as the ‘lifelong champion’ in her respective field or area of work.

Sheikh along with some other social reformers like Savitribai Phule and Jyotirao are the names who first founded India’s schools to educate girls in 1848. The trio named it Indigenous Library.

The Google Doodle displays a combination of yellow, blue and white illustration of Fatima Sheikh along with a display of two open books in the background. Although, the doodle is made simple, it represents a state of class of her career at a glance.

Fatima Sheikh overcame caste-based resistance in field of education

Fatima Sheikh was born on January 9, 1831, in Pune. When Fatima was a kid, She stressed the need to empower women by educating them. She spent most of her earlier time with her brother Usman. Later both of them opened their small home to Savitribai Phule and Jyotirao after they were evicted to mainly educate people hailing from lower class.

Following the right path of education, knowledge and truth, the trio were successful in co-founding the Indigenous Library in the year 1848.

The library had all the facilities to educate women of lower class including Dalit and Muslim women. They were also accompanied by children who were depraved of education. It’s mainly because such children who came from lower background were denied education without their faults.

Explaining today’s doodle to people, this is what Google has to say, “As a lifelong champion of this movement for equality, Sheikh went door-to-door to invite the downtrodden in her community to learn at the Indigenous Library and escape the rigidity of the Indian caste system. She met great resistance from the dominant classes who attempted to humiliate those involved in the Satyashodhak movement, but Sheikh and her allies persisted,” Google stated.

The life of Fatima Sheikh is something we should all proud of. She has done a tremendous work to improve the status of poor and dejected people from lower society or background.

According to Google’s blogspot, Sheikh’s achievements were mostly overlooked until 2014 when the Indian government ordered to highlight her achievements by prescribing Urdu text books.






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