Ex-AG Mukul Rohatgi: Aryan Khan Is Paying the Price for Being A Celebrity

Aryan khan

Ever since Aryan Khan was arrested in a drug case, lots of dignitaries have given their individual opinion. Today, the list added one more name Mukul Rohatgi, former Attorney General of India (AGI).

As per a news published in Times of India, he stated that Aryan Khan should have given bail as the law permits this. But in the current scenario, he is paying the price of being a celebrity.

Rohatgi further stated that NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) is behaving like an ostrich with its head burred in the sand and it is Aryan who’s paying the price of being a celebrity’s son.

The ex AG elaborated further while explaining what he actually meant. He stated that bail is granted immediately in such cases. Nobody would have expected such a severe punishment for the poor celebrity kid. He further said that Supreme Court of India had once stated that every citizen has a right to live and the constitution gives permission not only to Indian citizens but also to foreigners to live freely.

He added that they would have released him on bail instantly if they had wanted. It can be done even on public holidays. This is what he declared it on a private news channel.

Take a look at what he stated, “Its incredible that someone remains inside (jail) for so many days without seizure of drugs or any other proof. No medical consumption, so no consumption. How can he be held in custody when the max sentence would be one year, assuming he was found with drugs,”

Rohatgi asserted that there are some other prominent people who got bail in more or less same case including Shiv Sena leader Kishore Tiwari.


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