Dunki vs Salaar: Single-Screen Theaters In Distress, Unable to Exhibit Dunki & Salaar concurrently, Compelled to Select One Film Over the Other

Dunki vs Salaar

Dunki vs Salaar: As per the latest Bollywood News, this week witnessed a major clash between Dunki, released in cinemas on December 21, and Salaar, hitting theaters today, December 22.

When two significant movies collide at the box office, show-sharing problems often arise, but the issues arising from these films are unprecedented.

Initially reported by Bollywood Hungama, Salaar’s creators withdrew the film from PVR Inox and Miraj properties in the South, citing ‘unfair trade practice’ by the multiplex chains.

Following the viral news, all involved parties renegotiated the deal, with expectations of show-sharing. However, contrary to expectations, this hasn’t materialized.

Instead, exhibitors were required to choose between screening Dunki or Salaar. Consequently, some opted for Dunki, while others chose to showcase Salaar.


Dunki vs Salaar: Single-screen exhibitors distressed as they are not allowed to share shows; forced to choose one out of the two films

Dunki vs Salaar: Single-Screen Theaters In Distress, Unable to Exhibit Dunki & Salaar concurrently, Compelled to Select One Film Over the Other

As per reports, Bollywood Hungama examined Mumbai’s single-screen theaters and discovered that none of them are engaging in show-sharing. This trend is evident across the majority of centers in India.

In an interesting turn, Gopi Cinema in Dombivali has chosen to bypass both Dunki and Salaar, opting instead to feature two screenings of Animal and two showings of the Marathi film Jhimma 2!

A North Indian single-screen exhibitor, speaking anonymously, shared, “I’m running Dunki, and it’s doing great. Yet, I wish I could have also shown Salaar. The interest has been high since yesterday; it aligns well with my audience’s tastes. When Gadar 2 and OMG 2 managed to share shows peacefully despite their clash, a similar arrangement could have been made for Dunki and Salaar.”

In a surprising turn of event, the afternoon screening of Dunki at Maratha Mandir was canceled due to the unavailability of KDM (Key Delivery Message). Manoj Desai, the Executive Director, proceeded to refund the patrons’ money. Subsequently, Animal was screened during the evening and night shows. Starting today, Salaar will be featured in three shows. Desai remarked, “If distributors continue in this manner, our entire day is ruined.”

A source within the industry remarked, “Exhibitors are bearing the brunt of this clash. Salaar, distributed by AA Films, has raised concerns among those who chose Dunki. There’s a fear that AA Films might restrict them from screening their next major release. Previously, AA Films distributed Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees, which clashed with Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil. Chandan Cinema and Central Plaza in Mumbai favored Kaabil and faced repercussions when AA Films prevented them from showcasing Baahubali 2, a film drawing massive crowds, causing losses for these theaters.”


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