Doctor Strange 2 Synopsis Teases Return of Infinity Stones

doctor strange

As per the latest updates pouring in, one of the most awaited Hollywood movies titled Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is slated to be released on May 2021.

As you know, it takes time for the movie to go into the production stage and then finally hit the screen.

Looking at the release date of this film as announced by the makers, the dates are approaching fast. This is the reason why the makers are giving it a shot, especially with the casting part.

As of now, not much is known about the sequel of this film. But a few days back, a new plot synopsis was leaked online that gives a clue for the return of the Infinity Stones. It all happened after a new plot synopsis was leaked for the same.

As of now, nothing can be said so precisely about the type of content to be shown in the Doctor Strange franchise.

It all happened after a new blog post appeared on Backstage according to which a famous casting portal Doctor Strange 2 is going to touch on the resurgence of the Infinity Stones.

Still, we do not know even if this is going to happen in twists or in the form of the major event. But as per the latest reports coming in, the much awaited Doctor Strange franchise will definitely showcase the return of the Infinity Stones.

Take a look at a comic book report that says, “Soon after the sequence of Avengers: Endgame, Dr. Stephen Strange has to continue his own research right on the Time Stone.

At the same time, an old friend who just turned enemy simply puts an end to all of his plans and makes Strange to reveal all the unspeakable evil.”

As per the first sentence, it looks like as if Strange recovers the Time Stone. At present, it looks like Dr. Strange has got a separate timeline by using the time travelling tech. Also, he might have found just another way to gather all the return and atoms of The Time Stone to the original.

The makers are planning to release Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on May 7, 2021.


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