Clarifications from Karan Johar over His Long Silence

Karan Johar

As you’re already aware about the recent controversy that is still going on regarding the ban of Karan Johar film “Aye Dil Hai Mushkil”, the fate of the film very much hangs in the middle.

A group of MNS activists is still threatening to go to any length to disrupt the film’s screening.

Ever since the film mounted aggravations, the filmmaker Karan Johar has been keeping his silence. Even his long silence ignited a plethora of controversies, but now he decides not to keep mum.

Karan Johar finally came out breaking his silence over the snowballing dissension.

As soon as he started presenting his views through a video, he almost looked like getting entrapped in a crisis of conscience. But then, he presented his views in front of the media through a video.

He said he was wrongly labelled anti national and also deeply hurt after people from all walks of life started criticising him of working with Pakistani artist Fawad Khan.

He didn’t stop mentioning further that he has resolved everything at his end, which is not to work with any Pakistani artist in India.

This is by considering the recent Uri attack on the fateful day of September 18, and also to mark the profound and deep respect in favour of our brave soldier’s departed souls.

He said he doesn’t want to work with anyone hailing from Pakistani origin and also wants to abide by what MNS demands from him. Now, Karan is also of the favour to ban all Pakistani artists working in Indian cinema.

Karan Johar
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Karan Johar presented his speech with full of confidence and strength. He said that his country always comes first beyond any doubt and controversies. He’s and will always be as loyal to his country as any other Indian national.

He further quoted saying that he wants to spread all the love and affection among people and that’s what he has been doing for long through his films. He said to have shot the film between September to December of 2015.

At that time, the political climate between the two countries were completely different. As a citizen of this country, I appreciate and respect whatever decisions are taken by our government from time to time to settle down the conflict between the two countries.

Karan Johar says he respects the decision taken by the government

Karan says that he still remembers the decisions taken by the government to maintain peace across the border and therefore respect all the efforts and endeavors by them.

Even I respect the sentiments at present, simply because I feel exactly the same, being a citizen of this country.

He also said that going forward, he would not engage in any kind of talent across the border until everything comes to normal.

After completing all this, Johar finally looked concerned about those fellow Indians, back in his crew who have put their energy, sweat and blood into the film.

At least for them, it wouldn’t be wise and fair to face any kind of turbulence, simply due to other fellow Indians.

He says that I salute Indian Army for everything they do at the borders and at the same time, condemn any such kind of terror attacks. But at the same time,

I also like you all to understand the kind of situation we are in.

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