Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson’s Combined Wealth in 2023 Amounts to $174 Million, Primarily Fueled by 91% Contribution from the Coldplay Singer

Dakota Johnson Net Worth 2023

Dakota Johnson, known for her role in Fifty Shades, has been in a relationship with Chris Martin since 2017. Here is an in-depth look at their combined net worth.




Dakota Johnson has expressed gratitude toward Chris Martin, acknowledging his supportive role in helping her through a period of depression.

The couple has been together since October 2017 and has maintained a notably private stance regarding their relationship. Their combined net worth is often a topic of interest.

Interestingly, not widely known is the significant influence Chris Martin’s ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, had in their relationship with the Fifty Shades Of Grey actress.

Although there was a brief separation, it was the encouragement and belief in their bond from the Iron Man actress that prompted their reconciliation. Since then, their relationship has been unwavering, leading fans to eagerly anticipate potential wedding plans!


Dakota Johnson Net Worth 2023

Dakota Johnson gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades trilogy. Although specific figures remain undisclosed, reports suggest that she earned a substantial seven-figure salary following the immense success of the franchise.

In addition to her notable role in the Fifty Shades trilogy, Dakota Johnson has been part of several successful films such as The Social Network, 21 Jump Street, Our Friend, and The Lost Daughter, among others.

Her compensation for portraying Anne Elliot in Netflix’s Persuasion (2022) was reported at $2 million, and she consistently earns seven figures for each film.

The actress also possesses a residence in Hollywood Hills that she acquired in 2016 for $3.55 million. While specific details regarding her earnings from brand endorsements remain undisclosed, it’s anticipated that she commands a substantial fee for every project she undertakes.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Dakota Johnson’s net worth stands at $14 million in 2023.


Chris Martin Net Worth 2023

With Coldplay’s staggering record sales surpassing 100 million and a collection of 7 Grammy awards, the band stands as a pinnacle in the music industry. Chris Martin, the band’s lead vocalist, reaps significant benefits, sharing royalties equitably among his bandmates and reportedly securing tens of millions.

Chris’s financial portfolio includes diverse real estate investments. He co-owns a $14 million Malibu estate and a $5.1 million Tribeca penthouse with his former spouse, Gwyneth Paltrow. Additionally, they possess properties in London, Brentwood, and the Hamptons, with the status of ownership, whether sold or retained, remaining undisclosed.

In 2019, Martin purchased a Malibu beach house valued at $5.48 million, which serves as his residence alongside girlfriend Dakota Johnson.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Chris Martin boasts a reported net worth of $160 million in 2023.


Chris Martin & Dakota Johnson’s Combined Net Worth 2023

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin have a combined net worth of $174 million, where the Coldplay lead singer’s contributions account for nearly 91% of their combined wealth.

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