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Julia Roberts upcoming movies

Julia Roberts Upcoming Movies 2017, 2018, 2019

Before we update you with Julia Roberts upcoming movies, let’s take a dig in the life of the great actress and her movies till date. Julia Roberts is a fine actress who has been working since last few decades. Julia was born on October 28, 1967 and became a great producer and actor. After working […]

riya sen marriage

Why Riya Sen Marriage With Shivam Tewari Ended Up As Secret and Hasty Affair

Riya Sen Marriage– The news of Riya Sen marriage with boyfriend Shivam Tewari broke on Wednesday when she secretly chose to tie the knot with him. Well, that looks fine but we could not find the reason of such a hasty affair to accomplish the ceremony so quickly. This is because the wedding was held […]

Saif Ali Khan upcoming movies

Saif Ali Khan Upcoming Movies List With Release Dates 2017, 2018

Before we update you with Saif Ali Khan upcoming movies, let’s take a look about the persona of Bollywood’s icon. Introduction Saif Ali Khan (better regarded as Sajid Ali Khan) is a 46 year old Bollywood actor and producer. He’s the son of veteran actress Sharmila Tagore and late cricketer (Nawab Pataudi) Mansoor Ali Khan […]

deepika padukone hollywood

Deepika Padukone Hollywood- Not Fascinated With Hollywood But Creativity

Deepika Padukone Hollywood dreams for now seems out of question. The queen of Bollywood says she’s no more interested doing any Hollywood projects. When asked about what fascinates her about Hollywood, then the actress has to say that it’s not the charm but the creativity that entices her most. When it comes to Hollywood, Deepika […]

pleural mesothelioma

Pleural Mesothelioma- Prime Cause That Ended Lives of Famous Celebrities In the Past

Before we update you with the list of celebrities who battled their lives with Pleural Mesothelioma, let’s take a look at the causes of this form of the disorder that strongly prevailed in the earlier generation. What is Pleural Mesothelioma? Pleural mesothelioma is better known as the cancer of the outer lining of the lungs […]

kavita khanna

Kavita Khanna- Please Stop Circulating Ailing Vinod Khanna Picture

In the recent updates, Kavita Khanna has now come forward and requested the media to stop sharing and circulating the ailing pictures of veteran actor Vinod Khanna. Kavita Khanna, who’s the wife of the 70 year old actor doesn’t want any kind of media hype and only wishes to stop publicizing the matter. In the […]

baywatch release date

Baywatch Release Date, Movie Cast and Trailer-2017

Before updating you with Baywatch release date and more, let’s take a look at some other details. Baywatch is better known as a film version of the most famous television series that was aired for the first time during 1990s. As you know, Priyanka Chopra has already garnered her success on the international front with […]

kangana ranaut latest news

Kangana Ranaut Latest News On Rangoon- Says She Never Gives Up and Moves On

Let’s have a look at Kangana Ranaut latest news. As you must be aware that her recent film Rangoon couldn’t do much at the box office, lots of questions are being raised now. This is because the film has entered into the category of flops. But the actress doesn’t look disheartened and says she’s not […]