Cardi B Looks Obsessed With Halle Berry’s Super Soft Skin; Says I Wanted To Bite Her Shoulder

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Cardi B and Halle Berry recently met together for a special segment ‘5 Rounds’ where they got a chance to answer spicy questions related to their personal bonding.


Cardi B is an international sensation who knows how to be in the limelight. Whatever she tries goes viral on social media. It’s mainly due to her huge fan following ready to do anything for her.

The reason why she’s trending on social media is because of her collaboration with Halle Berry where she can be seen having a great time with the actress by saying some of the best things about the American actress.

Both the celebrities recently met for a segment called ‘5 Rounds’ where they decided to answer even some spicy questions asked about their personal lives.



In one of the special talks that they had, Cardi mentions that she was having an ex-boyfriend once who would steal from her. It also inspired a line in her famous song that says WAP.

During her interaction, she stated that there are so many well known celebrities who slid into her DMs in the recent past. She also said that she has dated a not-so-famous celebrity as well.

After Cardi B finished her video segment, she took to her social media handle to start praising Halle Berry.

Not only that, she also shared a part of her post on her social media handle regarding her own experience about the show, “guys I can’t believe I met Halle Berry”

Later, she also spoke about Halle’s skin. This is what she said, how soft Halle’s skin was, making her want to “bite her shoulder”.

On the other hand Halle Berry also shared ‘5 Rounds’ episode on her official Instagram handle at the time of announcing her collaboration with Cardi B. On her timeline, she wrote Cardi had co-executive produced the soundtrack of her upcoming Netflix film, Bruised.

She also specified that it’s the first ever hip hop sound track which will be aired on November 19, 2021.

Halle Berry’s film Bruise features her as MMA fighter in the character of Jackie Justice. She reunites with her son after a gap of 5 years. The film is an action thriller directed by Halle herself. It shows a special emphasis on family and bonds.

Apart from Halle, the film also stars Stephen McKinley Henderson in the pivotal role. It’s slated to release on November 24.

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